TV Show Tomorrow at Unbelieva-Bill’s

Monday, Aug 31, 2009 9:15pm  |  COMMENTS (0)

This just in… As we know, Montclair is a popular destination for film crews. Here’s a show we can all go to–if we can get up that early.
Larry Hoff of New York’s WPIX-TV (CW-Channel 11) is coming to Unbelieva-Bills on Tuesday, September 1, and we are all invited.
Unbelieva-Bills is inviting children of all ages and their parents to take part in a live television shoot with Larry Hoff and CW 11 tomorrow, September 1 from 6:00 to 8:30 a.m. at Unbelieva-Bill’s Montclair location at 312 Bloomfield Avenue.
Anyone who comes and participates will receive a voucher for free admission for a return visit.

Memories of the St. Sebastian Fair

Monday, Aug 31, 2009 2:39pm  |  COMMENTS (0)

Did you make it to the St. Sebastian’s Fair yesterday? We had a great time. The kids tried their first “dog corns.” One of the carnies kept giving us a free ride after we paid for the first one. It was Sunday afternoon fun–and less than a mile from my house with plenty of parking. We even saw the Saint.

Playground Closed at Edgemont Park

Monday, Aug 31, 2009 10:00am  |  COMMENTS (3)

edgemont park.jpgUpdate: The park is open and crowded (see left) on this gorgeous day. Crews are still filming goodness-knows-what. I couldn’t get the crew to tell me what the photo shoot was about. But it didn’t look like a super-secretive Sopranos movie. Maybe it was a commercial for a bank or a toy. Some dad-like guy kept waving his arms while jumping and smiling. Can you see him in the photo under the blue tent?
If you plan to take advantage of this crisp, fall-like morning and take the kids to a playground, don’t go to Edgemont Park. We were just there and a film crew has taken over the playground and closed it off to the public. My girls did not understand why some kids were playing in the playground and we couldn’t. I tried to explain that the kids on the playground were actors, but they didn’t care–they wanted in and I left with two very cranky kids.

PSA to Stop Teen Texting

Monday, Aug 31, 2009 9:00am  |  COMMENTS (2)

NJ is one of two states that outlaws texting while driving–and our senator is working on a nationwide ban. I’m not sure this ban is enforced–I saw a NJ cop texting in his car yesterday on Route 23. I’ve seen teens do it. I’ve also caught my kind–moms in minivans–playing with their cells while driving. I wish the ban were more effective. Mobile phones cause 6 percent of accidents and 2,600 deaths each year.
This controversial PSA from The United Kingdom uses scare tactics to stop us. Do you think this PSA sends the right message–or is it too much?

The New York Times reports that drivers overestimate their ability to multitask while driving. See how you do in their driving while distracted game. I played and died–multiple times.
My kids will be allowed to drive when they turn 34, if they are lucky. Though they do like to drive their Barbie Jeep. For the record, they do not talk on their Elmo cell phone at the same time.

Food & Fun at the St. Sebastian’s Feast & Carnival

Friday, Aug 28, 2009 1:00pm  |  COMMENTS (3)

Sunday Update: The feast is on for today. See you there at 4 p.m.
Starting tomorrow, the St. Sebastian’s Feast and Carnival takes over Kaveny Field with rides, games and zeppoles. Festivities end on Sunday at 3:30 p.m. with the Procession of the statue of St. Sebastian through the streets of Montclair. Unfortunately, thanks to Tropical Storm Danny, Friday’s opening date was canceled.
St. Sebastian Feast and Fair
Who: All ages.
What: Annual fair with rides, food, entertainment and more.
Where: St. Sebastian Feast, Kaveny Field, Corner of Grove Street and Walnut Street, Montclair, NJ, 07042.
When: Saturday, August 29 and Sunday, August 30.
Cost: Free

Your Kids Can Fly High

Friday, Aug 28, 2009 11:30am  |  COMMENTS (0)

We just want to keep you in the loop-de-loop, with a reminder: the Young Eagles Rally, a day of free fun, flying, and food for kids 8-17 takes place this Sunday, at Essex County Airport in Fairfield. Organizers are hoping Danny will blow over leaving clear skies in time for the festivities to go on as scheduled, 10a.m. to 4:00 p.m. It’s always a blast, a not-to-be-missed event, so let’s all think sun! All the details, here.

Does the MMR Vaccine Cause Autism?

Friday, Aug 28, 2009 9:00am  |  COMMENTS (35)

Andrew Wakefield, M.D., was on The Today Show this morning. He’s the doctor who initially found the link between the MMR combo vaccine and autism in 1998.
He says he only suggested spreading out the vaccine for measles, mumps and rubella instead of giving it all at once. Meanwhile, the worldwide movement to skip vaccines was born. No study has been able to reproduce Wakefield’s results. The medical community largely believes that the link between autism and vaccines is completely false. Pediatricians are caught in the crossfire, and meanwhile, measles and whooping cough cases in children are on the rise.
On Sunday at 7 p.m., NBC will air a special with Dr. Wakefield called A Dose of Controversy. I’ll definitely watch (DVR), especially if 60 Minutes is a rerun.
Locally, parents have strong opinions on one side or the other, and only a handful of area pediatricians will support a parent who wants to skip or delay vaccinations. I take my kids to one of those doctors, Howard Schlachter, MD, in Essex Fells. I’m not pro- or anti-vaccine as much as I would like to have input on what goes into my kids and when. You can always put those shots in, but you can’t take them out, as Schlachter says. For more info on the side of choice, check out the local Yahoo Group called Fighting Vaccine Mandates in NJ.
How do you feel about this sensitive, hot-button issue?

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Helping Your Child Deal With Bullying

Thursday, Aug 27, 2009 1:00pm  |  COMMENTS (3)

bully.jpgBullying is more prevalent in our schools than we may think, in fact studies show that between 15-25% of students are bullied each year. Bullying is intentionally aggressive behavior of one child towards another and can be physical, verbal, emotional (e.g.- intentionally excluding someone), and is increasingly being done over the internet. Serious consequences can occur when parents and teachers don’t intervene. Children who are repeatedly bullied have been found to be more depressed, anxious, withdrawn, and have more problems with their schoolwork than their peers.
Here are some signs that your child is being bullied and things you can do about it:

  • is afraid to attend school or walk/ride bus to school alone
  • refuses to participate in after school activities
  • suddenly starts to perform poorly in school
  • appears increasingly depressed or anxious
  • is often sick for unexplainable reasons (frequent headaches, stomachaches)
  • suddenly has trouble sleeping
  • has a sudden change of eating habits (either eating much more or less)

If your child has one or more of the above signs, they aren’t necessarily being bullied, but trying to talk to him can help to get to the bottom of what is going on. Talking to your kids about this kind of stuff can be difficult, especially if they have been particularly moody or anxious because of it, but they’ll more than likely be relieved that you have noticed. Here are some ideas of how to start a conversation:

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Backpack Safety Tips

Thursday, Aug 27, 2009 11:00am  |  COMMENTS (0)

firstdayofpreschool.jpgGrowing up, my favorite part of school was buying a new backpack each year and filling it with all new school supplies. The backpack had to be the “right” color and style–it was a fashion accessory. I would sling it over one shoulder and lug my books around. That lasted until it became uncool to carry a backpack and I started holding my books in my hand. Apparently, I was doing damage to my back.
According to the American Chiropractic Association, improperly worn backpacks are a leading cause of back and shoulder pain for millions of children. My 5-year-old is about to start kindergarten. How did that happen?! It seems like it was just yesterday when I took this picture of her first day of preschool. Now that she will be bringing home homework, I asked my chiropractor, Dr. Gina Giancola for advice. She sent me a list of backpack safety tips…..

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How Much Do You Spend On Back to School Clothes?

Thursday, Aug 27, 2009 9:00am  |  COMMENTS (1)

School starts in just two weeks, unless your kid is going to preschool. If you haven’t already done your back to school shopping, you better get busy. A recent consumer survey revealed that 64 percent of Americans plan to spend less on back-to-school items this year. Are you cutting back this year? Will you take more hand-me-downs or visit consignment shops?

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