Happy Halloween Barista Kids Young & Old

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-11.jpgThere much fun to be had today–we’re hitting two indoor parties starting this morning. But outdoor events may require an umbrella. Rain is scheduled for most of the day. If you hear of cancellations, please comment below, and I’ll keep you posted if my Cinderella, Tinkerbell and Captain Hook will give me a break.
Meanwhile, at left see the East Ward Halloween Parade yesterday in Newark sponsored by Mayor Booker.
BTW, do parents have to dress up for kids’ Halloween parties? I’ll be a zombie since we’ve been practicing Thriller this week at New York Sports. Zombie is way easy to pull off for a busy mom anyway.

Turtleback Zoo Adds To Presby “Boo!” Today At 4:00

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IMG_2763-copy.jpg Wow, the Essex County Presby Memorial Gardens are pulling out all the stops this afternoon from 4:00 to 7:00. Just a reminder that you can enjoy cider, cookies, take home a free pumpkin, watch the jack-o-lanterns glow and even take a gander at some fun animal friends from the Turtleback Zoo! And it’s all free–just stop by for a great time. Worried there won’t be enough free pumpkins to go around? Don’t fret–that’s Presby’s Executive Director, Linda Sercus, wheeling one of many loads of pumpkins out to the iris beds. You’re invited to bring a jack-o-lantern to light, but you’re welcome with or without. Thanks to Essex County Parks System for sponsoring this wonderful event.

Trick-or-Treating Safety Tips

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trick or treat.JPGA big worry at Trick-or-Treat time is that our kids will get candy or apples tainted with poison or filled with razor blades. So we parents tell them they’re not allowed to eat until we “check” it out. Or maybe checking is our excuse to scarf down their candy. After all, the last documented case of poisoned Halloween candy was in 1974 in Texas.
But there are real dangers on Halloween, so The Red Cross has made a list of safety tips for us, which they call The Lucky 13.

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Kids in Costume at School Today

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-13.jpgWhile blood is being banned from schools nationwide, kids are still going to class in costume. Today, seniors at Glen Ridge High School did just that.
Happy Halloween!

MHS Athletes Get Motivational Speaker–But He Ain’t Cheap

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d-west-portrait-suit-wide-b.jpgInteresting news before Tuesday’s big vote on whether to elect the board of ed in Montclair
In an effort to smarten up Montclair High School’s football players, the school district hired motivational speaker Duane “D” West, a national talking head, to the tune of $65,000.
According to NJ.com, the local jocks are scoring 2.0s when the highest GPAs are 4.6. So they’ll attend an 8th period class designed to motivate them to score touchdowns in classroom as well as on the field. Football coach Kevin Richberg came up with the idea.

Using $50,000 in federal stimulus funds for early-intervention programs, the district is paying West to teach the class every two weeks for six months, along with his team of celebrity athletes such as Odessa Turner, who won a Super Bowl playing for the New York Giants, and Johnny Davis, another Super Bowl champ with the San Francisco 49ers. They will serve as mentors.

He’s getting another $15,000 to speak at Glen Field and Mt. Hebron middle schools.
Question of the day: Anyone out there know how to become a motivational speaker?

Send Us Your Halloween Pictures

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costumed cuties.JPGWe want to see Baristaville’s costumed kids (and grown-ups too). Don’t forget to capture a picture of your cute, or scary costumed kid and send it to us for a slideshow we will put up after Halloween.
Just email your photos (jpgs please!) to us here and check out Baristaville’s kids in our Halloween slideshow next week.

Take Your Pick of Perky Pumpkins

Friday, Oct 30, 2009 8:00am  |  Comments Off on Take Your Pick of Perky Pumpkins

Looks like loads of people have yet to do their pumpkin shopping (or maybe they’ve kept them away from all this rain!) If you’re short on squash and ideas where to get them at the last minute, check out this story on Baristanet.

The Guide to Trick-or-Treating in Baristaville

Thursday, Oct 29, 2009 1:00pm  |  COMMENTS (6)

DSC00898.JPGTrick or treating isn’t an official town activity. So last year, when I called the police department to find out times and rules, they pretty much told me to go scratch. Itching for info, I asked parents for their Halloween night input.
So here it is, The Unofficial Guide to Trick or Treating in Baristaville
1. Little kids (age 4 and under) start at 5 p.m.
2. Bigger kids start around 6 p.m.
3. Trick or treating is generally over by 8 p.m.
4. If you’re staying home to give out candy, be prepared for snarky teenagers not in costume. Some–of course, not all–will tell you that you’re the Bride of Chucky if you don’t give them candy. If you don’t want to deal, don’t answer the door. Or be prepared with a speech.
5. If you run out of candy, put a sign on the door: NO MORE CANDY. Certain streets like Montclair Avenue are heavy-traffic areas for trick-or-treaters. (Though I hear the lady who gives out Scholastic books is done.)
6. If you don’t want trick or treaters, put a sign on the door or turn your lights out on the first floor of your house.
7. People who come after 8 p.m. can be scary and bratty–not all, but many.
Have any wise tips to add to this list?

Yogi And Kids Make Commerical Push For Writing

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yogikids.jpgMontclair’s resident legend Yogi Berra appeared with fifth-grade students from Hillside and Northeast Schools on Tuesday to film a public-service announcement for the College Board on the importance of writing. The 30-second commercial was filmed at the Yogi Berra Museum & Learning Center and will air during Big East Conference basketball telecasts. Yogi, who has a way of words like few others, has authored a couple of New York Times bestsellers and his granddaughter Lindsay is a senior writer for ESPN magazine.

Where’s a Mom to Park?

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-4.jpgWho knew parents weren’t supposed to park right in front of the school? Like, where those yellow lines are.
I’ve done it, though not this year. Have you? Glen Ridge parent Julie Coe writes this to us:

I would like to express my frustration with the Glen Ridge Police Department. They are now waiting outside Linden School at drop off and pick up ticketing the moms.
We pay extremely high taxes are are not provided any busing to our schools, thus, we have no choice but to drive. There are never enough parking spots close to the school, especially on a rainy day, and most are so full of pot holes that you can not park without a 4-wheel-drive vehicle. If a car is parked, it is rarely for more than five minutes to run the children into school.

I called Glen Ridge Police to get the lowdown on this sitch. Chief John Magnier told me only one ticket had been issued as of Wednesday evening in front of Linden school. “But we’ve been issuing warnings like we do every year, then we issue a ticket,” he said. “Usually, one person gets the summons, and everybody else gets the message.”
The main reason for the no parking rule is this: Emergency vehicles cannot get to the school if cars are parked in front of it. “People say they’ll only park for a minute, but then they chit chat,” Magnier adds. “There are designated areas at each school, usually right in front, where a parent pulls in, stays in the car, drops the kids off and drives away. If we keep a continuous flow, no problem.”
Chief Magnier told me his door is always open to people who want to talk tickets. If you make an appointment via email or phone (973) 748-5800, he’ll show you his tickets. “I get them, too,” he says.
This isn’t just an issue in Glen Ridge, of course. Parents everywhere have school-related parking woes. Have you stalled in the naughty zone in front of your kids’ school? Do you think you should be able to do it? Sound off below.

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