R.I.P., Caroline Bassillo

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obituary-2637_1caroline bassillo.jpgBarista Kids joins the community in mourning the death of Glen Ridge High School teacher Caroline Bassillo, who passed away at the age of 29 on Friday, June 25. Read about funeral details on Baristanet.

Giveaway: 4 Tickets to ImaginOcean

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Imaginocean - John and Fish.jpgWINNER: Congratulations to Rebecca! She is the winner of 4 tickets to see ImaginOcean. Enjoy!

ImaginOcean is a new Off Broadway show just for little kids. Using black-light puppetry, the magical undersea world is brought to life and tells the adventurous tale of a trio of friends: Tank, Dorsel and Bubbles.

ImaginOcean is brought to the stage by John Tartaglia. Theater fans know him from his Tony nominated role in Avenue Q, Beauty and the Beast and Shrek the Musical. Preschoolers know him as Johnny, from the Playhouse Disney series Johnny and the Sprites. Tartaglia has also been working on Sesame Street for the past ten years–puppets are his passion.

Tank, the big, gruff orange fish, is brought to life by local puppeteer James Wojtal Jr. Wojtal is a Verona native who has been making puppets since he was 4-years-old thanks to his mom, who taught him to sew. Wojtal has an impressive resume, having worked on puppets for Avenue Q, Wicked and for the Jim Henson Company. He is also responsible for the really cool puppets at Cafe Eclectic in Montclair, which we wrote about last year and are up again.

Wojtal describes Tank, the fish that he brings to life in ImaginOcean, as, “a bit of a lunk head, he’s sort of the Jock type. He is not stupid, just doesn’t spend much time thinking about things to deep.” Tank is adventurous though and he leads his fish friends on a journey of discovery. Starting with a treasure map, they swim off in search of clues. Ultimately they discover the greatest treasure of all: friendship.
ImaginOcean is generously offering 4 tickets to one lucky Barista Kids reader.

To enter the contest keep reading…

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Hats Off to the Boys and Girls in White!

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Here’s how it looked last night as the Glen Ridge High School Class of 2010 took their diplomas and partied afterwards with Willy Wonka at Project Graduation. Congrats all.

Kidfresh Tasting At King’s Today

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home-features-products3.jpgKirsten von Hassel, a local mom, wrote in and told us about a tasting event at King’s Supermarket today. Kidfresh are frozen meals for kids that are, “100 percent natural”, have “hidden vegetables”, offer “superior nutrition” and “have a great taste kids love.” Started in NYC as a store that offered natural and organic kids foods, freshly prepared in the on-site kitchen, Kidfresh decided to focus on offering their products in supermarkets nationally.
Today, Saturday June 26, from 11 am – 5 pm, kids (and grown-ups) can sample Kidfresh meals. Kirsten said “My kids LOVE the meals.” Kidfresh will also be giving out $1 off coupons for Silly Bandz to all tasters. If you can’t make today’s tasting, Kidfresh will be making its way around NJ. Check the schedule here.

Weekend Highlights

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I can’t think of a better way to spend the first weekend of summer break than at a fun festival or fair. Check Upcoming Events to see all local happenings. Here are this weekend’s highlights:
Be a Kid at the Seaport
June 26
It’s a full day of family fun from noon to night with free concerts, special performances, arts and crafts and fireworks at dusk. Meet Clifford, Curious George, Buddy from Dinosaur Train and others while listening to the best of kid bands from Montclair’s own Rebecca Frezza and Big Truck to The Bilingual Birdies rock out on stage and so much more!
Explore Liberty State Park
June 26
Park naturalists will lead groups in nature activities to get families exploring and having fun. Each family that pre-registers will receive a Nature Backpack while supplies last.
Catch Some Fireflies
June 27
Terhune Orchards in Princeton celebrates fireflies with a festival. Enjoy nature, crafts, music, yummy food, and wagon rides and even do some firefly hunting on the whole farm! Demonstrations, music and more!

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A Good (and Green) Goodie Bag

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paper bag.JPGWhen the excitement, cake and mayhem of a kid’s birthday party are over and done with, it can almost be discouraging to see the amount of plastic packaging or styrofoam that unfortunately don’t fit the bill of the #1 and #2 recyclable plastics. To add to one’s pangs about trying to be environmentally friendly, often the goodie bags, too, aren’t recyclable.
Why not, for a change, let your child’s friends go home with little bags that will be happy to return to the earth, or which can be recycled and reused? This year, my younger son’s friends took home homemade cupcakes in small cardbox boxes, along with a little zipper pull toy. Very little went into the garbage cans of his guests, for sure!
Here’s an easy, inexpensive and green birthday giveaway bag that you can add a flourish to, giving it your child’s own personal touch. It’s a handy craft activity, too, keeping excited little hands busy in the runup to the big day.
All you need for the chrysanthemum-decorated bags are:

  • brown paper lunch bags
  • construction paper, colored
  • scissors
  • glue
  • sparkly sprinkles
  • a dash of imagination

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Bloomfield High School Graduation Ceremony a Success

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BHS graduation.JPGStory by Jennifer Siembab
Although a thread of storms threatened the day, Bloomfield High School’s 156th graduation ceremony took off without a hitch. Graduates marched from Oakeside Bloomfield Cultural Center to the high school with their heads held high, full of pride and spirit to receive their diplomas.
After a year of uncertainty of the ceremony location, the decision was made to hold the ceremony in the high school gym. Traditionally, Bloomfield’s graduation takes place at Foley Field. However, with the condemning of the bleachers and the discovery of arsenic in the soil, the tradition was temporarily forbidden, which served as an upset for many students and families. Fortunately, the moral of the night was extremely positive.
“The graduation was very well-organized and even though it didn’t take place at Foley Field, there was no need for disappointment. Everything went smoothly and it was a great time,” said graduate Mark Siembab.

Food Rules

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vegetables.jpgSchool might be out for the summer, but new school food policy is taking shape now for September. Earlier this week legislation to declare a “Jersey Fresh Farm to School Week” was unanimously approved by the Assembly. Under this measure, students throughout the state would be greeted in the fall by events to educate them about New Jersey’s agriculture and the value of fresh, local produce.

Native New Jerseyans already know we have a diverse range of local produce. We’re not called the Garden State for nothing. But what residents might not know is our state is among the top 10 producers of fruits and vegetables in the nation. Now the schools in this state are finally going to put that status to good use.

Some area schools, though, feel more comprehensive change is needed. To that end they are devising individual food policies governing consumption inside school buildings. A couple of months ago, Montclair’s Nishuane School instituted new snack procedures, specifying a list of approved and banned snacks. Children will be allowed only water at snack time, and if they bring a snack from the contraband list they will not be allowed to eat it. They will be offered pretzels instead. Forbidden foods include fruit roll-ups or gummies; popcorn; chips; candy, cookies and cake of any kind; Rice Crispy Treats; and nuts and peanut butter. Fruits, vegetables, whole grain crackers, yogurt, cheese, hard-boiled eggs, icing-free animal crackers, and low-fat, low-sugar granola bars are all acceptable foods.

The board policy and USDA guidelines do allow for exceptions when it comes to curriculum and celebrations so parents are still allowed to send in small birthday treats. Parents are also permitted control over the lunches they prepare for their children but are encouraged to send a balanced lunch.
Elementary students in Verona aren’t as lucky.

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Montclair High’s Graduation Night (UPDATED)

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(video by Melody A. Kettle)
Check out a slideshow and read about the nights events (written by MHS student Taylor Flowers) after the jump…

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Congratulations to the Class of 2010!

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MHSPG8.jpgBarista Kids sends out a big congratulations to Baristaville’s Class of 2010! You are no longer Barista kids, and we wish you all the best as you begin your journey into adulthood.
Stay tuned for more graduation coverage and pictures from last night’s events. Did you attend one of the ceremonies? Tell us about it in comments.

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