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IMG_1007.JPGSesame Place is no spring chicken. The Sesame Street-themed amusement park turns 30 on Friday – if you’re not feeling old yet, the show turned 40 last November. To celebrate the big day, the amusement park is going all out with a birthday celebration dinner and fireworks. The dinner is sold out, but the fireworks are open to all.

The park geared toward the younger crowd – ages 2 to 10 – with lots of activities for little kids. It’s both a dry park and full-blown water park with a rambling river, Bert & Ernie’s Slip and Slide, a Rubber Duckie Pond, a splash castle and a raft ride. So don’t forget your swimsuits and towels because unless you’re kid is totally water averse, he’ll want to get very, very wet. There are plenty of dry rides, too, like Cookie Mountain, Ernie’s Bed Bounce and, of course, Elmo’s World.

Sesame Place is about an hour and a half from Baristaville. You could make it into a very long daytrip, especially if you’ve got super nappers in tow. Or, if you’re in the mood for a mini-vacation, make a weekend of it. Head down Friday afternoon for the fireworks, stay overnight at a nearby hotel get a full day in on Saturday. The park offers hotel packages with 48-hour notice, so if you get cracking now you can line something up. The park also sells two-day passes at $53 a pop.

Sesame Place is small in scale, but it is still a theme park with all the trappings that go along with that moniker. The rides and activities and energy are boundless, but the lines can be long on weekends, the sun is hot in July, and the sticker price is eye popping.
But if you go prepared, it can be a lot of fun. Bring hats, water and plenty of sunscreen. The park allows guests to bring in a small cooler. So, if you’ve got the space in a stroller, pack a cooler with drinks, snacks and lunch to avoid the overpriced concessions. If you do stay the night, take advantage of the hotel’s continental breakfast and hit the park early, when it opens at 10, to beat the rush.

What: Sesame Place
Where: 100 Sesame Road, Langhorne, PA
How much: Two-day pass, $53; Twilight, half-day passes, $30; kids under 2 are free.
What times: Summer hours, 10am-8pm
What ages: 2 and up
Number: 866-GO-4-ELMO

Ronda Kaysen is the editor and publisher of Turnpike Tikes, a blog and weekly email about great stuff to do with the kids in northern New Jersey.

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