2010 Year End Slideshow

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Here’s a collection of families and kids enjoying events and happenings in Baristaville during 2010. Egg hunts, Presby Iris Gardens Party, National Night Out, St. Baldricks’s fundraiser, Cookies and Caroling…..We were there.

Happy New Year!

How Are You Ringing in The New Year?

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My family is celebrating at First Night Montclair then we’ll get the kids in bed, so we can enjoy a drink, or two, before we inevitably fall asleep before midnight. It’s what we’ve done every year since having our firstborn seven years ago tomorrow.

True, it’s not as exciting as being in Times Square, but it’s where we’re at in our lives now. And besides, I can still get my New Year’s wish on Times Square confetti without leaving the comfort of my own home.

What are you doing tonight?

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Ski Weekend

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So now that my son likes cold, snowy whether, the question is will he like skiing? As you read this I am heading north on the New York State Throughway to a little ski resort about an hour over the Massachusetts border. There, we will welcome in a New Year with sore muscles but also with copious amounts of soda, Pringles and raucous rounds of Old Maid.

Over past years my son has gone skiing many times. My husband skis and intends to force our children to whether they like it or not. Vovie, in fact, loves to go skiing, he just doesn’t like to ski.

Mostly, he loves the hotel rooms, the bottomless cups of hot chocolate, the hot tubs and the stuffing himself full of all the junk food allowed on vacations. He just doesn’t like to ski. But this is almost a new year and definitely a new Vovie. Maybe this year is the year – the year my kids don’t cry when we wrap them layers of fleece and thermal, hats and helmets, gloves and goggles and shove them into heavy, rigid plastic boots and attach them to unwieldy planks and then push them out into the bitter cold. I really don’t see what the problem is.

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Baby Bouncer For Sale

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A Glen Ridge mom’s baby outgrew his very stylish and hip Bloom Baby Coco Stylewood Baby bouncer and she is selling it:

I’m selling this very chic bouncer for $125 including a cool carrying case. It’s in near-perfect condition and retails for $200. Looks great and is comfy and usable from birth to 26 lbs.

If interested, email her directly.

Ask Holly: Preserving 2010 Memories

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Start a new tradition this year, preserve your child’s memories year after year on Shrinky Dinks. Yes, they still make them! I take out my daughters creations year after year.  We look at her progress and smile and laugh at how much her drawing has changed. We are going to hang these from a bare branch on New Year’s Eve. Every year we will have more and more of these creations to look at and smile and laugh at all the fun we have had! 

I had my daughter and her friend Hollen write down their favorite memories from 2010. The pond at Edgemont Park froze for skating, art camp at M. A. M. and School of Rock Montclair were some of the top memories. For my 4-year-old, I cut out the numbers 2011 for him to draw on. I punch holes in them before shrinking so we can hang them on the windows from suction cups or on the tree as ornaments. 

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The Way You Parent Determines How Your Teen Will Party

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According to a new study that was published in the Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs, the way we parent our teens can make the difference between smart, social drinking or passed-out throwing up drinking in their future.

NPR recently did a story about the study. According to the article, “By the 12th grade, more than 65 percent of teens have at least experimented with alcohol, but what parents do during the high school years can also influence whether teens go on to binge drink or abuse alcohol.”

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Going Sledding? Don’t Forget the Helmets

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There’s plenty of snow in Baristaville and some great sledding spots, but according to a study done by the Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Ohio, your kids should wear helmets while dashing through the snow.

The study found that about 21,000 kids are hurt each year in the U.S. Considering that kids play in the snow only a few times a year, and not in every state, 21,000 is a lot. Young sledders are at risk for traumatic brain injury. The study found children between the ages of 10 -14 sustained most of the injuries, with boys getting hurt more than girls. Continue Reading

NJ Transit “Family Super Saver” Program

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train.jpg Planning on going into NYC with the kids this week and on New Year’s Day? NJ Transit has extended the Family Super Saver program until January 3, 2011. Up to two children, under the age of 11 can ride for free. Get detailed information here.

Giveaway: Tickets to New Year’s Eve Puppet Show With Princess Moxie

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WINNER: Congratulations to Tudlow, the winner in our New Year’s Eve Puppet Show ticket giveaway! Happy New Year!

Still deciding what to do on New Year’s Eve with the family? StudioKids in Montclair will be hosting Jennifer Levine, Baristaville’s puppeteer, who will be performing her Princess Moxie Rules! puppet show throughout the day.

Princess Moxie is a hip young Princess who goes on a journey to find a true friend amidst a crazy trio of court suitors. Featuring beautiful, hand-sewn puppets and original music, this funky, fun, and feminist production encourages its audience to participate by singing, dancing & applauding. It’s a fun show and a fun way to spend New Year’s Eve with the family.

Princess Moxie Rules! will play at 3 pm, 7 pm and 9 pm. Thanks to the generosity of StudioKids, who sent us an email saying, “We would like to offer  tickets to our favorite website, Barista Kids!”, we have 4 tickets to give away to the show of your choice.

To enter keep reading…

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New Year’s Parenting Resolutions

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Most of us make resolutions to eat better, exercise more, or some other health related thing, but as parents, the new year is also a great time to reflect on our jobs as moms and dads and see how we can improve.

For some parents it may be to spend more quality time with their children. Others may need a little help in the patience department. My parenting resolution is to play and let myself be silly with my girls more often.

Here are what some other Barista parents want to improve, or do, in 2011:

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