Giveaway: Tinga Gift Certificate For Cinco de Mayo!

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WINNERS: Congratulations to Tinga in Montclair winner, madisonpark! and Tinga in Millburn winner, heather75nyc!

Thursday, May 5,  is Cinco de Mayo, one of my favorite celebrations. Margaritas and Mexican food are favorites of mine. To help you celebrate this festive holiday, we’re giving away two $40 gift certificates to Tinga Taqueria: one for the Montclair restaurant and the other for the Millburn restaurant.

Owner David, tells us they’re celebrating Cinco de Mayo from May 1- May 5 with prizes specials and giveaways. They are also offering 10% off catering orders of $100 or more, in case you want to bring the party home.

To enter for a chance to win a $40 gift certificate to Tinga, keep reading….

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Review: Little Shop of Horrors

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Brianne Kennedy and Dash Katz

Let me start of by saying that it’s my last year as a student at Montclair High School. Actually, it’s my last two weeks. I leave to do an on-site internship sponsored by Temple Ner Tamid and I’m going to be working with Habitat for Humanity in New Orleans.

This being the case, I saw SVPA’s Little Shop of Horrors with a different perspective than other members of the audience.

Before curtain call I was struggling coming to grips with the fact that this would be the last show I would ever see as a student here. I was pondering all that I had done in the past four years and was curious about different roads my life could have taken. But that all changed in the first couple seconds of the show. By the first chorus of the first song I was already in a completely different world and totally out of my head. This production grabbed me with its energetic performances, stellar songs and gorgeous set pieces. It consumed me in a way that only a giant man-eating plant could.

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Montclair School Aides Deal With The BoE

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After months of a tough budget process, Montclair School aides and the MEA have accepted a deal from the BoE, which will save them from being outsourced. It is not without some sacrifices however, health benefits being the largest loss. School Board Vice President Leslie Larson says,”While the board’s decision to outsource the aides was a difficult one, we are pleased that we were able to reach a compromise position with the MEA which achieves the savings needed in the budget but also lessens the impact of this decision with the individual employees.”
Larson went on to explain:

Because of this agreement with the MEA aides will continue to be employees of the Board of Education which is beneficial in the following ways: Continue Reading

Take a Veggication This Weekend

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On Saturday, April 30 from 12 – 3 pm, the South Mountain YMCA will host its 20th annual Healthy Kids Day. Children and families can enjoy games and sports, a bounce house, a family obstacle course, healthy snacks and more. Spiderman will make several appearances throughout the day.             

As part of the event, Lisa Suriano, founder of the Veggiecation Program will present a kid-friendly, interactive cooking demonstration. Kids will help prepare Teriyaki Snap Peas and Carrots, sample their creation, and vote on how they liked the recipe.

Recently, Barista Kids asked Suriano some questions about Veggiecation, a curriculum-based nutrition education program. The program, which is in classrooms in New Jersey, New York and several other states, teaches kids healthy eating habits and gets them to love their vegetables. 

What inspired you to start Veggiecation?
Growing up and now working in the school food industry I have a great understanding and appreciation for the challenges that food service directors face on a daily basis, particularly when it comes to enticing children to eat healthy foods. My passion for and education in nutrition science gave me the knowledge of how to create a program that was practical and effective.

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Weekend Highlights

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Another weekend filled with fun things to do and beautiful weather!

Check our Upcoming Events to find out all the happenings and details. Also, if you haven’t already, sign up for our newsletter to get some great deals and find out about more great events. While you’re at it, “like” us on Facebook.

Here are this weekend’s highlights:

See a Creature

It’s Dinosaur Day at Newark Museum, an annual event that is a must for the dinosaur fan in your life. (Sunday, May 1)

See a blood-thirsty, ever growing, talking plant in Montclair High School’s performance of Little Shop of Horrors. (Saturday, April 30)

Take the little ones to SOPAC’s Butterfly: The Story of a Life Cycle, which tells the journey from caterpillar to beautiful butterfly with puppets. (Sunday, May 1)

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School of Rock Band Invited to Perform at The Bamboozle Festival

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Going Dark, a teen rock band comprised of music students from School of Rock Montclair, were finalists at this year’s Break Contest, a battle of New Jersey bands that was held at the legendary Stone Pony rock club in Asbury Park, NJ.
Going Dark’s energetic performances earned them an invitation to be part of The Bamboozle Festival, which will be held on May 1 at Giants Stadium. Other recording artists that will be on stage at The Bamboozle Festival include such multi-platinum selling superstars as Motley Crue, Little Wayne, and 30 Seconds To Mars.
“Going Dark blew the judges away, and these judges have seen it all,” says John Ginty, music director of School of Rock Montclair, who helped Going Dark prepare for the competition. “They’re all involved with Live Nation, America’s largest concert production company, and they couldn’t believe that a band so professional, focused, and talented is also so young.”
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Baby Steps Clothing & Diaper Drive

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It’s finally time to put the winter clothing away and clean out your closets for spring. If you’re a parent with young children, it might be time to get rid of those great clothes your kids grew out of or maybe never even wore.  You can join Montclair moms, Jane Berra, Jane Day and Katie Severance by donating those clothes to local families who really need them. 

 For the second year, United Way has joined forces with these amazing local moms to run the Baby Steps Clothing Drive.  

In spring 2010, Jane, Katie and Jane began the Baby Steps drive and it was a huge success. Hundreds of pounds of new and like new clothing for children 5 and under was donated and over 100 needy families from the WIC (Women, Infants and Children) program received 2 or more bags of clothing for their children.   

The organizers found that the families also needed help with diapers and wipes. “The recipients last year were so thrilled with the clothing,” said Katie Severance, “but we also learned that one of their greatest challenges was affording diapers and wipes which have become so expensive.”  So now, even if you don’t have children’s clothing to donate, you can help out by donating diapering supplies.  

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Send the Slushies Packing!: School Lunch Reform is Looking For Progression Not Regression

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Op-ed by Melina Macall, a member on the task force which founded Montclair Food Revolution – School Lunch Reform.

UPDATE: Mr. Alex Anemone, principal of Glenfield School,  has informed Barista Kids that the slushy machine appeared at the school after spring break and will be removed this afternoon.

Over the past ten years our school meals have been truly awful. From being unappealing visually and taste wise to failing to meet nutritional standards set by the government, they have it all. Through lack of oversight and lack of interest the food services continued to fail our students until it reached the point that dollars were failing too. Finally the district took notice and announced a new vendor would be sought with the help of a consultant.

Three weeks ago I spoke at a BOE meeting laying the foundations for our Montclair Food Revolution School Lunch Reform. I outlined some fairly simple and rational goals, all attainable, all within reach and all with far reaching positive consequences. If we can offer our students nutritious, appetizing appealing food we will serve their nutritional needs and thereby help improve concentration and focus (as many studies have attested to). We can help close our achievement gap. We can be part of the solution tackling our nations alarming obesity and diabetes rates in children. We can be forward thinking and innovative in our school meal program, expanding it to snack options for those with longer school days and very early or late lunch times. We can be in line with the current national trend towards promoting healthier lifestyle choices in our schools.

Our Task Force has researched numerous districts and food program models, we have looked at our own district and we know we can achieve all this affordably and indeed increase the number of children who buy lunch. Many parents, who presently would not entertain that notion, would be glad to have the option of paying for a lunch they and their children would be happy with.

In that same BOE meeting Dr Alvarez said that the food service goals were both to not lose money and to be more healthy. Dana Sullivan, Montclair School District Business Administrator, said they were looking to replace Aramark because “we’ve lost a lot of money on the program and because we’ve heard complaints from parents.” Robin Kulwin BOE member said the district’s effort to improve the lunch program was helped by students and parents. “They will be working with us to hopefully have the best food service program available,” Kulwin said.

Those present at the meeting were told that our Task Force would be a part of the process and that we would work with the consultant the district had hired to ensure that the voices of the many hundreds of parents and students we now represent would be heard.

What has happened since then?
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Royal Girls

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What could be  cuter than a bunch of sweet, little girls dressed in white wearing floral head bands in the fairy tale like setting of Van Vleck House & gardens?

Absolutely nothing!

Here are some of our own Baristaville princesses reminiscent of the  flower girls for Princess Diana’s wedding…but ours are way cuter don’t you agree?

Little Shop of Horrors

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Brianne Kennedy as Audrey and Dash Katz as Seymour

A blood-thirsty plant will be in Baristaville this weekend!

Montclair High’s School of Visual and Performing Arts is proud to present the year end musical Little Shop of Horrors.

Boasting a high energy cast, a score of toe-tapping songs and a series of visually impressive sets and costumes, SVPA promises this show to be one of the most visually and musically interesting shows they have ever put on. Starring a talented group of 48 students, including seniors Brianne Kennedy as Audrey, Dash Katz as Seymour, Adam Greenhaus as Mr. Mushnik, Kleionne McDavid as Orin Scrivello, and Emerson Gordon and Samad Parker as the voice and body of the bloodthirsty Audrey II, respectively. The musical opens tomorrow night and will continue on for the next weekend:

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