Millburn Middle School Spring Chorus Concert

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The annual Millburn Middle School Spring  Concert will entertain on Wednesday, June 1 with a varied program of showtunes, choral classics, popular selections, and songs from around the world.

Six groups of chorus students will show of their talent and range with favorite tunes such as, Edelweiss from The Sound of Music, the Johnny Mercer hit Accentuate the Positive, a medley from Fiddler on the Roof, foreign language songs from around the world, Josh Grobin’s You Raise Me Up, and much more.

The program will end with all of the singers united. Over two hundred voices are combining to sing a selection entitled Omnia Sol (Let Your Heart Be Staid), an inspirational song which celebrates friendships made and the lasting effects they have, a recognition of the end to the school year.

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Sun Safety Tips

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I’m willing to place bets that many of you spent time at a pool this weekend. Even if you didn’t, if you had the kids outside, they needed sunscreen.

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has offered some tips on protecting your children from the sun:

Follow these simple rules to protect your family from sunburns now and from skin cancer later in life:

  • Keep babies younger than 6 months out of direct sunlight. Find shade under a tree, umbrella, or the stroller canopy.
  • When possible, dress yourself and your kids in cool, comfortable clothing that covers the body, like lightweight cotton pants, long-sleeved shirts, and hats.  
  • Select clothes made with a tight weave – they protect better than clothes with a looser weave. If you’re not sure how tight a fabric’s weave is, hold it up to see how much light shines through. The less light, the better.
  • Wear a hat or cap with a brim that faces forward to shield the face.
  • Limit your sun exposure between 10:00 am and 4:00 pm, when UV rays are strongest.
  • Wear sunglasses with at least 99% UV protection (look for child-sized sunglasses with UV protection for your child).
  • Use sunscreen.
  • Set a good example. You can be the best teacher by practicing sun protection yourself. Teach all members of your family how to protect their skin and eyes. 

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Banishing the Princesses

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Every morning for quite some time now my daughter leaps from her toddler bed declaring, “I want to dress like a ballerina today!” I’m still a little hazy on what constitutes dressing like a ballerina. Almost always it means stockings and some sort of skirt or dress. But often leggings (ballet pants, to use her term) will do.

We live, breathe and yes, even eat ballerina.

“Is this a ballerina breakfast?” she asks regarding her Puffins with a certain scrutiny.

Of course, Sweet-ums. Eat up.

And then I raise my coffee mug in silent celebration for we are embarking on a new day where ballerinas rule the roost and The Princesses are nowhere to be seen.

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MPL’s Bellevue Branch Grand Reopening Celebration

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After closing its doors in January due to a cut in municipal aid, Montclair Public Library’s Bellevue Avenue Branch will reopen on Monday, June 6 with a huge family celebration.

Thanks to a group of residents who formed the Save Bellevue Avenue Branch, the branch will open weekly on Mondays with trained volunteers.

The Grand Reopening Celebration will be an all-day event with something for everyone:

  • Storytelling, puppet shows, and face-painting for children beginning at 10:30 am
  • The ribbon cutting at 12:30 pm.
  • Live music from 2 – 8 pm
  • Throughout the day there will be free refreshments, and ice cream will be sold from
    a vintage ice cream truck from 2 – 6 pm

And They’re Off! Maplewood Rubber Duck Race

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Held in Memorial Park at the Oakview Avene bridge, the Maplewood Rubber Duck Race consists of dumping many numbered rubber ducks into the river to see which one gets to the end first. Today’s event was especially interesting due to the early morning thunderstorm which raised the level of the usually sleepy creek and quickened the pace a bit.

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Seen Around Baristaville

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The Gilmore Girls went to a fun outdoor BBQ birthday party yesterday and were served these adorable “Corn on the Cob” cupcakes. They looked so authentic and are the perfect dessert to bring to a BBQ this summer.

Chanda Hall, a Barista Kids photographer, was the baker and mom of the birthday girl. She got the idea from Hello, Cupcake!, which she checked out of the Montclair Public Library.

See any interesting and/or fun things around Baristaville relating to kids and their parents? Send the pictures here.

Memorial Day BBQ: Baby Back Ribs

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I had my friend Jay’s ribs at his Memorial Day BBQ a couple of years ago. In between stuffing my face with the scrumptious, gooey, fall-off-the bone ribs I begged and pleaded for the recipe. I wore him down and he shared. I originally shared the recipe last July, but these are so good, I’m sharing it again.

If you’re hosting a BBQ this weekend, these ribs will be a crowd pleaser. You can even bring them to a BBQ you’re attending and make the host really happy. The leftover BBQ sauce can be used on anything too. I love it on grilled chicken breast. Kids love these too, because there is a nice sweeteness to the sauce.

Slow Cooked Baby Back Ribs
from Lebet Catering
1 rack baby back ribs

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What’s For Dinner?: Caramelized Onion, Bacon and Gruyère Quiche

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Quiche always reminds me of one those annoying emails that was going around a few years ago.

Predictably, the gist of the email was that real moms let their houses go to hell in a hand basket as they are so busy playing with their kids. The line that really got me was “real moms don’t eat quiche because they don’t have time to make it.” Well, I’m a real mom and that is simply not true. Quiche is easy and quick to make, even quicker if you buy a store bought pie crust. Or you can make without a crust and it becomes a frittata.

Quiche is a great picnic food, amazingly portable and always tastes better when cold. After making your own you will not go back to those insipid, heavy grocery store ones. Yours will be a creamy, tasty delight. As well as enhancing any picnic or potluck, it is also a good weeknight meal with a crisp green salad and a mustardy dressing.

Quiche Lorraine, traditionally is only eggs, cream and bacon and does not have cheese, but I love cheese and think the addition of it improves most things, apart from cocktails. You can add more or less anything you have in your fridge, but I love this recipe for Caramelized Onion, Bacon and Gruyere Quiche, which strictly speaking should not be called Quiche but Flan.

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Presby Gardens Family Garden Party

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The Essex County Presby Iris Gardens knows how to throw a Garden Party. There was much fun to be had and a lot of families who came out to have some.

 Mia Yoga gave family yoga lessons and had hula hoops to play with. The Art Studio had an awesome watercolor spray paint art project. Turtle Back Zoo brought its cool creatures and Music Together of Montclair had drums, maracas and more for kids to play with. There was also face painting, spin art, great live performances by Jazz House Kids, School of Rock’s Going Dark and The Rock n’ Roll Chorus, a very cool group of high school singers from all over New Jersey. And Montclair students were awarded for their beautiful Iris paintings and drawing that lined the fence of the gardens.

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Vandalism at Edgemont Park’s All Children’s Playground

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The sign on Cooper and Park wasn’t the only thing vandalized this weekend. This just in from Cary Africk: Continue Reading

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