Fatal Accident Involving Hillside Student Not Bike Related

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When Jen Savitch wanted a place for her son to lock up his bike on Hillside School property, she learned that principal Michael Chiles did not want kids biking to Hillside.

Savitch, who subsequently organized a bike protest on June 20, says Chiles told her the 1993 death of a Hillside student was the reason.

“Mr. Chiles and I share our concern of safety regarding biking to Hillside. Mr. Chiles expressed to me as a big part of his concern, a child that died biking to Hillside school about 20 years ago. He said a tree was planted after her death on Hillside property, and the bike ban began,” says Savitch.

In an article published the day after a “bike-in” at Hillside with support from Bike&Walk Montclair, superintendent Frank Alvarez told the Montclair Times Chiles has agreed that if parents want to allow their children to bike to school that would be “acceptable.” Alvarez said Chiles had discouraged students from riding their bikes due to traffic safety reasons because of the school’s location at the intersection of Orange Road,  Hillside Avenue and Church Street. In the June 21 article, the Montclair Times also refers to the school as the site of a 1993 accident in which Hillside student Kia Carnegie was killed in an accident while riding her bike to school.

However, police reports and a May 1993 issue of the Montclair Times both indicate that Carnegie was not riding a bicycle and was nowhere near Hillside School, when she was hit by a car.

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Yo, I Drive a Minivan

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I never liked minivans. Swagger wagons are for soccer moms, and I won’t let my kids play soccer. (Because I’m mean.) They’re for parents who put those stick-figure decals on their rearview windows, the ones that represent each family member plus pets. (Again, I don’t do that because I’m mean.)

Like most people, I want to drive something cool. My first ride ever–at age 17–was a Dodge Ram D-50 4 x 4, a boy-magnet in high school. Anyway, when we decided to shop for my new car earlier this week, I told my husband I wanted something with a third row, preferably an SUV. (I’m going to skip the politics of global warming for brevity’s sake.) We had a Mercedes R-350 crossover, and I just didn’t like its indecisiveness. Were you a car or a truck, R Class? It handled like a station wagon, plus it was dented and had some engine problems.

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Kids Eat Free Weekend at IKEA

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I love the Swedes. They have given us great design, delicious meatballs, Alexander Skarsgård (Eric) on True Blood and IKEA.

This weekend, IKEA brings back its “Kids Eat Free Weekend,” my favorite time to go with the family. I stock up on stylish, inexpensive things for my home and my girls fill up on meatballs and ligonberries for free. It’s a win-win situation!

Here’s the deal:

All kids 12 and under eat free from Friday, July 1 – Monday, July 4. Choose any three kid-sized items to create a meal, including five meatballs, mac and cheese, PB&J sandwich, kid’s yogurt, two cookies, chocolate milk, and more! A $2.49 value. One per child and purchase necessary.

If you go to the Paramus store on Saturday, July 3, Jazzy the Clown will entertain and face paint your kids in the main lobby.

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Your Summer Guide To Fun in Baristaville

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We’ve been working hard on giving you all there is to know about summer in Baristaville. We have some great guides, which you can find on our sidebar, but we thought we would  make your life easier by putting them all together in one place. And that place is here.

We’ll start with the area’s most comprehensive list of summer camps:

Summer Camps For Little Kids
Summer Camp For Big Kids
Sleepaway Camps.

If your kid is going to an overnight camp, make sure you read our Old-School Summer Camp Tips, for some great advice.

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Montclair Superintendent Announces New District Administrative Appointments

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Superintendent Alvarez just sent out an email announcing new administrative position appointments throughout the district:

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Maplewood 4th of July Celebration: A Full Day Of Patriotic Fun

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I’m going to admit it. Montclair has a great 4th of July parade, but Maplewood throws an all-day 4th of July celebration that is not to be missed.

My family enjoyed the festivities last year, after my husband ran the annual 5k. We had a great time and met the nicest people. This year promises to even better, with a cool Wave the Flag, interactive family art project.


Here’s the schedule of the day’s festivities:

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Camp Highlight: The Little Gym of Montclair

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If you’re looking for a camp option that allows you to choose anytime you want, than The Little Gym Anytime Summer Camp may be just what you’re looking for. The camps run from June 27 through September 2 for children ages 3 – 8.

Campers will enjoy the creative and different themes of each week, as well as the combination of physical activity, gymnastics, arts, crafts, and special surprises. Schedule a day, a few days, or even the full 9-week session. The Little Gym’s camp is flexible and can be customized to fit your summer schedule. It’s a great break for kids, and even parents, during the long summer months.

I love that the camp is open during the last couple of weeks before school, when many aren’t.

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Wash Your Kids (And Yourself) Before Playing in Water

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My youngest, who just turned 4, had her family birthday party last weekend at Grandma’s pool. That morning, when I told her it was time for a bath, she tried to get out of it by telling me that she didn’t need one because she was going swimming. “The pool will clean me,” she tried to argue. I had to explain that a pool is not a bath, and that goes for before and after you swim.

However, a recent national poll conducted by the C.S.Mott Children’s Hospital, has found that most parents don’t bathe their kids before playing in water–water parks specifically. The study found that many more parents think it’s important to warn kids not to swallow the water because of germs and chlorine, than to bathe or shower beforehand.

It may seem silly to wash before getting in water, but it’s not. The germs people, and especially kids in diapers, carry on their bodies can cause RWI, or Recreational Water Illnesses, such as cryptosporidiosis. You catch a RWI by breathing in, swallowing, or coming in contact with contaminated water. If you get infected with a RWI, you’ll be vomiting, have diarrhea, have strong cramps and possibly a fever for days. Kind of kills the fun water park experience.

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Camp Highlight: Montclair Mud Fun

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This July, join in at Montclair Mud Fun, a unique, youth-led festive summer event with live drums, food, barefoot mud stomp dancing and mud building/sculpting activities!

The building of Adobe, sun baked mud, shelters is a tradition that stretches back thousands of years in all climates around the world. Campers will help design and make earthen structures that will remain in Kaveny Field for public viewing. They will learn the history and cultures of adobes, cob houses, mud huts and other such structures. Campers will learn about teamwork with different groups by “working” on different tasks to build the structures and prepare for the “unveiling”. They will learn about the ecology and chemistry of building these organic, natural structures.

Children, and adult, will “homogenize” the subsoil by stomping through the mud with their bare feet. This process ensures an even distribution of subsoil materials (sand and clay) so the integrity of the structure will be uniform throughout. Drums, chanting and singing, will accompany the stomping while the audience enjoys the spectacle and each other’s company.

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Have You Seen This Snake?

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There is another Bronx Zoo snake missing, but this one is not the Bronx Zoo snake, it’s a stuffed animal that this cute Glen Ridge boy got when he visited the zoo with his grandparents recently. He loves this stuffed snake, but sadly he can’t find it and his mom thinks that he left it at Clay Field in Glen Ridge on Sherman and Belleville Avenues.

If you find it, please email mom here.

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