What Dad Really Wants For Father’s Day

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Father’s Day is on Sunday, just three days away! If you haven’t purchased a gift for the special dad(s) in your life yet, we have some ideas. If the dad in your life is an AlternaDad, check out Brian’s ideas here. Would Dad love a photo of his kids? Make Holly’s quirky Crazy Plant holder for him.

Here’s what some local dads told us when we asked:

What do you really want for Father’s Day?

“A brand new set of Titleist Golf clubs.” ~ Louis Toledo, owner of Maplewood Karate, father of five and grandfather of one.

“A couple of ‘do overs’ — to be able to go back in time and handle a few situations differently, not be so quick to judge, not use a raised voice and let the kids know that I’m not always right.” ~ Anthony Batson,  father of three.

“Not a tie.” ~ Neil, father of one.

“A fun day with my daughter is all I want.” ~ Mike, father of one.

“I wouldn’t mind a nice bottle of St. Emilion or Chateuneuf-de-Pape. But I’d give that up for an hour of tennis, a walk with my daughter, one of my son’s baseball games and a nice barbeque with family and friends–hamburgers and bud in a bottle would do fine.” ~ Fred, father of two.

“A new ipod.” ~ Glen Ridge dad of two.

Tell us dads. What do you really want for Father’s Day?

(Photo: Titleist website)
(Excerpt photo: Flickr)

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