Sunday Smiles

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In this new Sunday feature, we will share things that make us, and hopefully you, smile.

If this video of this smiling, sleepy baby doesn’t turn you into mush, then you’re cold-hearted.

Do you have a photo or video that brings a smile to your face? Send it to and share the Sunday Smiles with us.

Have a happy Sunday!

Attention Teens: If You Watch One Thing This Summer, It Should Be This

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The American Academy of Dermatology recently gave surveys to more than 3,800 girls and young women to learn more about their tanning habits.

Nearly one-third had used a tanning bed in the past year, and about 81 percent had tanned outdoors. The vast majority of those who tanned indoors thought that people look more attractive when they have a tan. Yet about the same number thought that using tanning beds can cause skin cancer.


  • One person dies of melanoma every hour (every 62 minutes).
  • One in 55 people will be diagnosed with melanoma during their lifetime.
  • Melanoma is the most common form of cancer for young adults 25-29 years old and the second most common form of cancer for young people 15-29 years old.

Weekend Highlights: Your Guide To Family Fun

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Lots to do again in Baristaville and beyond this weekend. It’s getting harder and harder to choose from all the fun, family events. We told you about Back to The Future, E.T. and Sunset Sensations, but there are even more choices!

Check our Upcoming Events to find out all the happenings and details. We’ve added a nifty new feature that allows you to share, “Recommend” on Facebook or Tweet any of our listed events! We work really hard to give you the most comprehensive events listing around, so if you attend an event because you learned about it from Barista Kids, make sure to give us a shout out.

Here are this weekend’s highlights:

  • Pick up the kids from camp today and head over to Whole Foods Montclair. The kids can learn to make frozen treats, like the ones Alison shared with us here. They learn something new and have a snack at the same time. (Friday, July 29)
  • Little kids will love the special Pinkalicious event at Color Me Mine in Summit. Hear the popular story and paint your pwn Pinkalicious pottery. (Saturday, July 30)

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New Voices 2011: I’ll Take Manhattan

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Starting tonight, 120 of New Jersey’s most talented young performers will star in New Voices 2011: I’ll Take Manhattan, a musical-review tribute to New York, NY.

Members of the Conservatory’s Senior, Junior Plus, and Junior Companies (ages 10-18) are directed and choreographed by Paper Mill Playhouse’s professional artistic staff in this concert which is the culmination of the five-week Summer Conservatory. Also appearing are numerous winners and nominees of the 2011 Paper Mill Playhouse Rising Star Awards who won a full scholarship to attend the Conservatory. Many past New Voices performers have gone on to Broadway and National Tours like Academy Award nominee Anne Hathaway and Tony Award Winner Laura Benanti.

You can catch the talented performances this weekend:

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Ask Holly: Making Butter, Buttermilk, Sour Cream and Music

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Step One: Milk cow.
Step Two: Carry milk buckets out of  the barn.
Let’s skip Steps 3-10 shall we?

Just head out to the grocery store and buy some heavy cream, because That’s all you need ot make butter!

Making butter is so easy. Everybody learns something and homemade butter beats the crap out of store bought butter. It really does. I saw it beat the crap out of store butter one time and it was not a pretty sight. When the butter is done you also have buttermilk and the makings for rich sour cream.

Now about the music…

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Our “What’s For Dinner?” Writer To Compete in NYC Summer Streets Healthy Living Cook-Off

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I fell in love with Lisa Davies’ delicious recipes the moment I read her blog This Little Piggy Went to The Farmer’s Market and after I met her, I knew I wanted her delicious recipes on Barista Kids. Thankfully, she liked me too and agreed and that was the start of our What’s For Dinner? series. Every two weeks, Lisa shares a delicious dinner that she makes for her family: two adorable twin girls, she calls The Ladies™ and her husband.

On Saturday, August 6 , Lisa will compete at NYC’s Summer Streets Healthy Living Cook-Off 2011 in the Best Grilled Vegetarian Salad competition with two other contestants. Lisa’s entry is a Grilled Peach and Feta Salad. God I love her recipes. This Greek girl loves feta and peaches.

I think she’s got this one.

Best of luck Lisa!


FDA Warns Against Spray Sunscreens For Children

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Damn, The $24 I just spent for two bottles of Neutrogena Kids Spray sunscreen for my girls was a waste.

The Food and Drug Administration has announced that it was investigating the potential risks of spray sunscreens. The fear is that  people, especially children, can breathe in the sunscreen as it is being applied.

Consumer Reports recommends that parents do not use spray sunscreen on children and take caution when applying it to themselves.

Do you use spray sunscreen on your children? Will you continue to?


Go Back to The Future on Church Street

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POSTPONED: MIFF has postponed the movie screening until next week…Friday, August 5th, because the weather calls for storms

If you grew up in the 80s, you loved Back to The Future. The 1985 blockbuster hit, starring Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd, Lea Thompson, and one of my favorites, Crispin Glover, tells the tale of Marty McFly and his time travel back to 1955 in a DeLoreon, where he meets his parents way back when.

The film is filled with adventure, humor and romance. I was 12-years-old when the movie came out and I thought it was awesome. Although, because kids called me George, they thought it was funny to knock me on the head and say, “Think McFly, think,” just like in the video above. Seventh grade was brutal.

Montclair International Film Festival is giving you the chance to watch Back to The Future under the stars Friday night. Take your kids and introduce them to this 80s classic or make it a date night and relive your childhood.

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Chinese Exchange Students Enjoy A Fun Family Night

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The 31 Chinese exchange students who arrived in Montclair on Sunday night are getting a taste of good old American fun. A sweet taste. They spent the night at Applegate Farm’s Family Fun Night last night and enjoyed ice cream, games, friendly competition and a warm welcome from the Montclair families who were there.

The kids were just like American teens. A few of the girls even swooned a bit when they saw an American teen with no shirt on. They asked the teacher they were with if he was anybody famous and wanted to take a picture with him. He was happy to oblige.

After games and music, the kids loaded up on the bus to go back to their hotel. They didn’t stay for the screening of E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial that was happening at 8:30 pm, but they left with big chocolaty smiles on their faces.


Seen in Baristaville

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Montclair High School is getting that shiny, new LED sign today.

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