Anger Over Canceled Halloween

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Cancel Trick or Treating? Postponing it until November 4 or to November 7 in West Orange? What a bummer.

Despite the decision to move Halloween to Friday, some families will not be stopped from getting their trick or treating on. They’re getting their costumes on, going out for candy and breaking the law damnit!

Angry families are tweeting, making videos and posting their sadness, anger and disbelief on Facebook and starting a new movement–should we call it Occupy Trick or Treat?:

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Day Two: School Closures

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Yep, that’s right. Schools are starting to call another closing.

The following schools will be CLOSED on Tuesday, November 1:

Bloomfield Public Schools
Livingston Public Schools

Belleville Public Schools
Chatham Public Schools
Summit Public Schools
West Orange Public Schools
Millburn Public Schools
Caldwell-West Caldwell Public Schools
Montclair Public Schools
Verona Public Schools
Nutley Public Schools
South Orange – Maplewood Public Schools
Cedar Grove Public Schools
Clifton Public Schools

Delayed Opening

Glen Ridge Public Schools (2 hour delay)

Private Schools:

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What’s for Dinner? Chicken Chili with Chocolate and Barley

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Or is that Chocolate Chili Chicken? Or Chocolate Chicken Chili? Or even Chili Chocolate Chicken???

I know – it sounds like a Dr. Seuss story,  but trust me: the result is far from child-like. This is one dark, delicious, sophisticated and sultry stew.

As fall winter? approaches, friends have been asking me for “Crockpot” recipes and this great, one-pot dish is perfect for feeding hungry Trick-or-Treaters (If they can go!) on Halloween.

That said, slow cooking is not quite as easy as just setting and forgetting—there is a little bit of work to be done first but it is well worth the effort. With a soupcon of forward planning, you can have a hearty simmering dinner waiting for you.

Here are a few hints to get that perfect slow cooked meal:

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Autumn, A Snow Woman Before Her Time

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Reader Kristin Maurice sent in this photo of a beautiful Autumn snowwoman!

Barista Kids photographer Chanda Hall sends in this snowman spotted on Clarewill Avenue in Montclair:

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Townships Cancel Trick or Treating–Barista Kids Poll: Are Your Kids Going Trick Or Treating Today?

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Trick or Treating warnings are coming in:

Essex County Executive Joseph N. DiVincenzo, Jr. is urging the public to be cautious of downed power lines and to stay away from all wires because they could still be active with electricity. In addition, the Executive asked that adults and children who are planning to go trick-or-treating on Halloween Day should be extremely careful and find alternatives ways to celebrate if their neighborhood has received extensive storm damage.

This in from Montclair:

The Montclair Office of Emergency Management asks everyone to be aware that many power lines are still down and areas in town are still affected by power outages. At no time should anyone drive or walk around cones or taped off wires as they may still be energized. Any downed wire could be “live” and should be reported to PSE&G by calling 1-800-436-PSEG.

Parents are asked to limit their children’s trick-or-treating to daylight hours and to exercise extreme caution when going out for Halloween activities.

Montclair Township just updated its warning (12:17 pm):

The Township of Montclair encourages parents to hold Halloween festivities at home rather than having their children participate in trick-or-treating. If your children do go out to trick-or-treat, we ask parents to limit their trick-or-treating to daylight hours and to exercise extreme caution.

Another update form Montclair (2:09 pm):

Due to remaining dangerous conditions in a number of areas of town (see:, the Township of Montclair recommends that parents postpone home-to-home trick-or-treating until Friday, November 4 and NOT participate in trick-or-treating today, Monday, October 31.

The Township also encourages those who will postpone home-to-home trick-or-treating to keep porch lights off to let October 31 participants know that they will NOT be participating this evening.

Glen Ridge and Bloomfield officially canceled Trick or Treating:

Due to the State of Emergency, the Mayor and Council have postponed trick or treating in Glen Ridge to Friday, November 4, 2011. The Township of Bloomfield has also postponed trick or treating to Friday.

This just in from South Orange (1:40 pm):

“We are advising residents against going house to house to trick or treat tonight because of the potential danger of downed wires, hanging branches and debris still on the ground. Spooky Spiotta Park will be happening starting at 4pm and we invite all residents to come downtown and celebrate Halloween with us!

There are some other events that you can try. Here’s are list of Halloween events, which has updated cancellation info. And here’s a safe halloween option:

Halloween Kids Fest
Who: Kids ages 2 – 12.
What: Come in costume with their parents and enjoy free family-friendly activities including make & take crafts, face painting, prizes and more! Then be part of the celebration with trick-or-treating from 5pm-7pm in the mall for all to enjoy!
Where: Willowbrook Mall, Bloomingdale’s Exhibit Court, Wayne, NJ
When: Monday, October 31 beginning at 3 pm, with trick or treating from 5 pm – 7 pm.
Cost: Free

Take our poll….

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Happy Halloween!

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Halloween School Snow Closures

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I never thought I’d be writing a school closure story in October, but freak Nor’Easters can do that.

Check our list often, if you have internet and/or power, as we’ll be updating throughout the day.

The following schools will be CLOSED on Monday, October 31:

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Seen in Baristaville: Sledding!

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When life gives you an October Nor’Easter, some go sledding at the Mountainside Hill on Upper Mountain Avenue, next to the Iris Gardens. Note of caution: The street is not closed off by the town and cars are parked at the bottom of the hill.

This Glen Ridge family took their boys to Carteret Park for snow fun:

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Barista Kids Poll: The Night Before Halloween

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What do you call the night before Halloween?

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Families Enjoyed Montclair Co-op’s Independent Book Fair

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Last week, The Montclair Cooperative School, Along with Watchung Booksellers, held its first annual Independent Book Fair. It was a well-attended event, with lots of reading in the cozy reading corner, book-related crafts, readings from local authors and delicious food donated by Brick Lane Curry House.

(Photos: Kate Albright)

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