Montclair Pre-K Says Goodbye to Mrs. Eaves

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In June the Montclair Community Pre-K marked the retirement of Marilyn Eaves, Mentor Teacher; one of the very first teachers hired when the MCPK opened its doors in 1998. After 33 years of teaching pre-school Mrs. Eaves will now embark on a new part of her life as a retiree; but she promises to stay in touch and visit often. Marilyn was a remarkable teacher who brought stability, love and learning to all of her students. She was instrumental in creating the inclusion education opportunities for children with disabilities that is now a part of the entire school. Montclair children and families owe a debt of gratitude to Mrs. Eaves and she will be sorely missed in the Fall!d in the Fall!

Dora the Explorer The Badass

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Can you say guns, explosions and bad guys? Dora the Explorer can in is this hysterical sketch by In it, Dora is a mix of Jack Bauer from 24 and her sweet, Latina self, complete with her bob and backpack. 

Diego is hot, Map is an overweight middle-aged man and Dora is a badass.

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Tips For a Sensory-Friendly Fourth of July

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With crowds, BBQs and fireworks, the Fourth of July can be overwhelming for some children on the autism spectrum. The Autism Society asked Cathy Pratt, Ph.D., BCBA, of the Autism Society Panel of Professional Advisors, for her tips for how to have an enjoyable and comfortable 4th if July for all. Get her tips, such as preparing children with stories or visuals about what to expect at a fireworks show, over at

Artful Learning Gifted & Talented Open House

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Eyleen Faust, founder of Artsy Smartsy, which uses art to teach a variety of subjects, has led after school enrichment classes and worked with Montclair State University’s highly respected Gifted & Talented Program where she taught hundreds of kids from the tri-state area. Now she has opened her own Gifted & Talented program for children in kindergarten though 8th grade. Located in Boonton, just about 20 minutes out of Baristaville, the program, called Artful Learning, will have an Open House this Sunday, July 1.

At the Gifted & Talented Open House, families can preview the fall 2012 courses, meet the teachers, try free mini-classes and hear special guest speaker Dr. Susan Paynter, who will speak about the emotional and social needs of gifted children. If Dr. Paynter’s name sounds familiar, it’s because she’s the former director of Montclair State University’s Gifted and Talented Program and a 30-year veteran of gifted education.

How do you tell if your child is gifted? Read our article, The ABC’s of Gifted Children, which we wrote a couple of years ago.

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Weekend Highlights: Your Guide to Family Fun

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This weekend is a bit quiet. Not much going on, but that’s because the festivities happen on Wednesday for Independence Day. A few start this weekend so make sure to check out guide to celebrating the 4thTonight starts the fun with The Montclair Film Festival Grease Sing-a-long at Presby Iris Gardens will dancing and singing to Grease Lighting!

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Here are this weekend’s highlights:

Bile&Walk Montclair offers its “Learn To Ride: Kids” class. It’s the best way to ditch the training wheels. (Saturday, June 30)

Check out the New Jersey Jackals play against the Newark Bears at Riverfront Stadium in Newark. It’s a fun, family event. (Sunday, July 1)

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Somewhere Over the Rainbow

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A land that we dream of

Every day, I pick up my daughter from daycare. Every day, I rush in and out of that place like a whirling dervish, loath to participate in any small talk or long discussions. Every day for years I have had only minimal contact with the people who run this place. Minimal at best. Certainly not as much as they deserve. This is not because they are not worthy of my time. Quite the opposite. They are wonderful, patient, understanding, loving, caring, involved people. It’s because I am perpetually in a rush. I have dinner to prepare and a dog to walk and it’s 5:45 and we have to get home. I can’t help myself. That’s just me.

So to make up for all of those times I picked her up and just said hello and goodbye with little eye contact as I was climbing, then shortly thereafter descending, the steps two at a time, I am here to say what I should have stopped to say all of these years:

Thank you.

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Montclair School District Loses Business Administrator

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The Superintendent, principals and now this. Dana Sullivan, the Montclair district business adminstrator for the past 15 years will be taking a position at Westfield School District in September, according to The Montclair Times.

The news was made public at Westfield’s BoE meeting on Tuesday. It has yet to be announced on Montclair’s district website.

We’re awaiting comment from Sullivan, who is on vacation this week.

Reflections on Montclair High From a Graduate

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There are a lot of un-solved mysteries surrounding Montclair High School, and most other High Schools including but not limited to – What does the A stand for in Nathaniel Hawthorne’s The Scarlet Letter? Are the Plastics real (and how do I become one of them)? Is there are a way that everyone can do “well” at the school? What is the Secret Life of The American Teenager? Am I really part of the lost generation? Unfortunately, over the course of my four years at the High School, I did not find the answer to any of these questions, but I did learn way more valuable lessons.

One of the most important things I learned about Montclair High School is that there is definitely more than what meets the eye. What you see, does no justice to the what you actually get once you step through one of the many doors at the school.

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Temple Sharey Tefilo-Israel Preschoolers Help Build an Outdoor Classroom

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Preschoolers from the Iris Family Center at Temple Sharey Tefilo-Israel (TSTI) filled the sandbox in their new outdoor classroom during the first phase of the site’s development on June 17. Once completed, the TSTI garden will be one of three nationally certified outdoor classrooms in New Jersey. Led by Carol Paster, director of the Iris Family Center, 20 families from Short Hills, Millburn, West Orange, Maplewood and South Orange dug flower beds, created signage and decorated stepping stones.  

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