The Montclair Fund For Excellence in Education (MFEE) Awards $168,000 in Grants

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Montclair High School Math Teacher, Dana Rubin and the MHS Math league.  Thanks to MFEE support for the Math League, MHS math teacher, dana Rubin is getting more students excited about math and interested in careers in the STEM fields. 80-90 students participate each month and their awards line the school halls.

Montclair High School Math Teacher, Dana Rubin and the MHS Math league. Thanks to MFEE support for the Math League, MHS math teacher, dana Rubin is getting more students excited about math and interested in careers in the STEM fields. 80-90 students participate each month and their awards line the school halls.


The Montclair Fund For Excellence in Education (MFEE) awarded  136 Educational Excellence grants to faculty and staff . Thus far this school year, 172 grants have been awarded for a total of $168,000.

The percentage of funds that go to each school are fairly proportional with enrollment numbers. MFEE Educational Excellence grants foster innovation and enhance curriculum.  The 2012-13 Educational Excellence Grant program is supported in part by the Zief Fund, The John Whitehead Fund/CFNJ, the McMullen Family Foundation and a grant from the Piorkowski family. Examples:  White House of the Future Architecture Grant awarded to Shalini Taneja at Mt. Hebron School; The Sky Really is the Limit awarded to Catherine Kondreck at Hillside School.

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Kids These Days

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veruca saltKids these days are a lot more coddled than when I was growing up. I say that at the risk of sounding like my parents and grandparents, something we as parents try to avoid one way or another despite its inevitability. As far as coddled children go, my daughter is no exception. We cheer her every success, no matter how insignificant. Whether she reads a sentence in a new book or writes her capital letters neatly, I’m right there saying, “Good job.” I’m giving her a high-five and telling her how proud I am of her.

I’m not sure why we do this. Why we applaud and reward the ordinary. Maybe it’s because our parents—my parents—were tough on us when all we wanted was the occasional pat on the back. It is with my and my wife’s over-abundance of pats on the back in mind that I read about a recent study that shows college-aged kids consider themselves more special than ever before. They have a record level of self worth. But with that feeling of accomplishment, even though they’ve accomplished very little if anything, comes a feeling of entitlement.

That’s because growing up, they got spoiled. They received trophies and ribbons for just showing up. They received over-stuffed goody bags for attending overly-elaborate birthday parties. They never learned how to lose. They rarely if ever felt what it’s like to work hard and still lose.

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Valentine’s Day Events To Enjoy With Your Family

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le baker's dozen valentine's day cookies

February begins on Friday and it will be Valentine’s Day before you know it. Even though the holiday originated as a special day for the person you love, once you have children, it somehow becomes about them too. That’s okay though, those little ones steal your heart.

Here are ways for you to enjoy Valentine’s Day as a family:

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Montclair’s 19th Free Community-Wide Swap at Hillside School

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Do you have a lot of things around your home that you don’t use and want to get rid of? Or how about a coat you received this holiday season that doesn’t fit or a book that you know (just between us) you’ll never read – donate your new or gently used things to the Hillside Winter Swap. Or, if you’re looking for items, go browse the Hillside Swap for great finds.

Jane Marcus is at it again. She’s the creator and organizer of the Hillside School tradition, which helps you clear out your closets and/or score some “new to you” items. The 19th swap will take place on Saturday, February 2 from 9 am – 11 am, with drop off of donations on Friday, February 1. As always, the swap is free and open to everyone.

Here are the details:

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Barista Kids Poll: Classroom Valentines

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Classroom Valentines

Remember when Valentine’s Day meant romance with your loved one? Once you have kids, it really changes. When you have children, you start giving them Valentines, which is sweet. But once they start school, you’ll be expected to give Valentines to all of their classmates. And candy, don’t forget a piece of candy attached to each and every card.

Do you get all “Ask Holly” and make homemade Valentines for the class? Maybe you purchase them, but go all out getting something special, like ordering personalized cards at Tiny Prints. Or, do you go old school and buy a couple of character card boxes at CVS?

Take our poll…

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Verona Girl Scout Troop Visits Mr. Cupcakes for Bake Shop Badge

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Mr. Cupcake

Mr. Cupcakes in Clifton welcomed Girl Scout Troop 20341 of Verona into his cupcake shop to teach the girls about his business and to help them earn their “Bake Shop” badge. A troop leader couldn’t say enough about how nice Johnny, aka Mr. Cupcake, was to the troop.
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Glen Ridge Police Chief Warns Parents About Students Sharing Provocative Images on Social Media

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privacyNot the kind of email a parent wants to receive.

The Glen Ridge Chief of Police has sent out an email to parents warning them that they have seen a significant increase in the number of reports involving the taking and sharing of provocative images by students:

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Friday is Give Kids a Smile Day

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give kids a smile dayThis Friday, February 1, is Give Kids a Smile Day. For the past 10 years, The New Jersey Dental Association has given millions in free dental services to children.

Each February, the entire dental community, both public and private sectors, comes together to ensure the delivery of care to thousands of underprivileged children who otherwise may not be able to afford or access care. Give Kids a Smile Day is meant to help the 1/3 of children in the U.S. with no dental insurance and to teach good dental hygiene. Read the programs’ FAQs for more details.

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New in Maplewood: Gigi’s Cupcakes

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gigi's cupcakesFor cupcake connoisseurs, Maplewood has a new bakery where you can get the beloved tiny treats. Gigi’s Cupcakes opened last month on Springfield Avenue, at the corner of Indiana Street. Run by two sisters who say, on their website, “We’ve been covered in flour since we were kids. It was a love started by our Great Grandmother Ruth Davis who was a baker, and later our grandparents who ran restaurants in upstate New York.”

There are several parking spots directly outside the store, as well as street parking. Inside the bakery, there are several tables and nice, large windows facing the street. And most importantly, the cupcakes themselves are delicious—My kids and I tasted them!

In addition to usual flavors like chocolate and vanilla, there are also some more unusual offerings like cookie dough filled, cinnamon crunch, and espresso chip. The bakery’s signature flavor is “extra-chocolaty” red velvet with cream cheese frosting, and it is indeed extra-chocolaty and extra-yummy. Cupcakes come in two sizes, mini ($1.50) and regular ($3.00). For those dining in, there are also lots of drinks—coffee, hot chocolate, cider, juice.

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The Little Daisy Bake Shop 2nd Annual Valentine’s Day Design Contest

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Last year's winners!

Last year’s winners!

Nothing says Valentine’s Day better than sweets and The Little Daisy Bake Shop in Montclair  knows sweets. But they need your help, actually, they need your kids’ help.

The Little Daisy Bake Shop is running its second annual Valentine’s Day Design ContestKids ages 12 and under can draw their very own version of a perfect Valentine for a chance to have their winning design printed out in edible ink and put on their very own cake!

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