Our Favorite Ten Tweets This Week

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parenting tweetHere are our favorite ten tweets on parenting from this past week, many from local moms and dads:

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Happy Easter!

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happy easter

Barista Kids wishes those celebrating a Happy Easter!

My mom loved to sing this song to me as a little girl. And I loved when she did. It’s my favorite Easter memory:

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A Beautiful Day For an Easter Egg Hunt

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Hunting for Eggs in Freeman Gardens, in Glen Ridge, is a unique experience. It’s like being in a Victorian Era backyard.  Easter treats were hidden among the rose bushes, around the pond, across the lawn and throughout the woodland preserve this morning.  Boys and girls with baskets in hand, searched the grounds and gathered eggs in their baskets, while moms and dads enjoyed coffee and snacks on the flagstone patio.

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What’s for Dinner: Vegan Chocolate Truffles

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vegan truffles

This Easter, I was intent on making traditional chocolate truffles—you know, rich French-style ones consisting of a lavish chocolate ganache, amply dusted with luxurious cocoa powder—totally creamy, dreamy and decadent.

I even bought all the ingredients: heavy cream, butter, chocolate, and then, as I was about to start setting up, I had a change of plan… a strange thought struck me:

“Nuts and coconut oil are very creamy and, mmmm, wouldn’t they be good with some cocoa?”

Without hesitation, I returned the butter and the cream to the fridge and ended up making vegan chocolate truffles instead. Yup. Vegan ones.

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Ask Holly: I Pity the April Fool

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My son with a rather wet shirt

(Editor’s Note: This originally ran in 2012. We’re re-posting in time for this year’s April Fools’ Day!)

Every year my kids try to prank me, Queen of the Jokesters, on April Fool’s Day and every year I get them back. Don’t mess with Mommy, somethin’ isn’t quite right with her. My kids are only 5 and 9, but as they get older,  I’m sure my plan will totally backfire on me as I age and get crazier. Toilet seats covered with plastic wrap, salt in the sugar bowl, replacing my eye cream with breath mints — all lame attempts to try and out master the master.

If your kids are old enough to hold a straight face while pranking you, let them get the first joke on and act totally surprised. Actually, act like you forgot that it was the April 1st. Use the Leap Year as an excuse. They won’t think you have anything planned, but you do! Time to water the spaghetti tree.

Here Are Some Oldies but Goodies:

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Montclair Film Festival Celebrated Young Talent at the 2013 Kidz Shortz Award Ceremony

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Montclair Film Festival Kidz Shortz

Talented young filmmakers were celebrated last night at the Montclair Film Festival 2013 Kidz Shortz award ceremony.

One hundred and eleven young registrants from three countries, 23 states and 17 different towns in New Jersey submitted their films in this year’s competition!

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Skip to the Bus My Darling

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Skip to the Bus My Darling Weekday mornings at my house usually follow the same routine. I wake up and press PLAY. Get up, get coffee, make sure my daughters are up, get a second cup of coffee, make lunches, tell my daughters they are going to be late, get the girls out the door and contemplate a third cup of coffee.

At some point during my morning routine, my nine-year old son will make his way downstairs and plant himself on the couch to watch Sports Center. He always has company on the couch—his trusty bedtime companion “Doggy’, that he has slept with since he was 4 months old.

My son eats his breakfast while watching TV, then gets dressed and we meet at the door and walk together to the bus stop that just up the street from our house. We usually talk about sports—professional or his own upcoming games. And after a few minutes, we see the bus approach.

With that, he says a quick goodbye and makes his way to the bus. He doesn’t run to the bus or walk slowly—he skips. Some days, I am pressed for time in the morning so I hurry back to the house. But whenever I can, I try to wait and watch him. I am not actually sure why he skips or even he knows he does. He doesn’t particularly like school, except for lunch and recess. But I do know that it is impossible to skip when you are sad. So as he watch him skip toward the bus, I always smile because he looks so sweet and I know at that moment he is happy.

I also know that these times, when I can walk my son to the bus stop are slowly going to fade away.

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“My Favorite Film…” Kidz Art Project Brought to You By Montclair Film Festival with Barista Kids

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s “My Favorite Film…” kidz art projectCalling movie fans of all ages!  Montclair Film Festival, along with yours truly, Barista Kids, wants to decorate Montclair for the 2nd annual Montclair Film Festival and we need your kids to do it!

Kids of all ages are invited to come draw a picture of their favorite film to be displayed in business windows through this year’s festival, which runs April 29  – May 5.  We want to welcome filmmakers and visitors to Montclair with our children’s art in filmstrip displays throughout the town.

We will be holding art decorating events at these three spots in April:

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Bloomfield BoE Approves Budget, Saves Many Positions, But Outsources Child Study Team

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Superintendent Jason BingAfter four weeks of controversy and several long and arduous meetings, the Bloomfield Board of Education approved a final budget for the upcoming school year Tuesday night by a vote of 6 to 3.

Although previous versions of the budget had indicated substantial layoffs of teachers and other staff, as well as possible elimination of extracurricular sports in the upcoming school year, the final budget restores the sports programs and includes a reduction of only 16 teachers, with no impact on class sizes. In addition, school nurses will not lose their positions as previously expected.

However, the Child Study Teams, which work with special needs children, will be outsourced, affecting 17 school employees. In addition, five secretarial staff positions will be eliminated (two through retirement) and a director position and a dean of discipline position will be dissolved.

The 16 teachers that will be eliminated include four teachers who are retiring. The other teachers lost will be recently-hired teachers without tenure. However, these 16 positions will be replaced with a combination of other teachers with seniority and some supervisors who will be placed in teaching roles.

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Local Kids Help Host a Seder For Montclair Emergency Services for the Homeless (MESH)

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Bnai Keshet passover

Passover is popular among both Jews and many others, who love the exotic foods, wine and discussion of the Haggadah, a sort of flexible guide book for the evening. While celebrants have been perfecting Passover for nearly two millennia,  a group of local  kids (and few adult cooks) from Montclair’s Bnai Keshet synagogue added a whole new wrinkle to celebrating the “Festival of Freedom”.

Working with Montclair Emergency Services for the Homeless (MESH), Bnai Keshet ushered in the first night of Passover by hosting over 30 MESH guests with a multi-course Seder meal, complete with four cups of grape juice, flowerless desserts, limitless matzah and questions all hosted and served by the synagogue’s youth and some of their friends and parents.

“Wow, these guys actually like gefilte fish more than anyone in my family does!” commented one ten year-old after serving the meals second course.

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