Sponsored: Explore, Create, Learn, and Imagine at Shomrei Emunah Preschool

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Shomrei Emunah Preschool

Shomrei Preschool
Your child’s preschool should feel as warm and natural to you as home. Come home to Shomrei Emunah and experience the difference the right early childhood environment can make.

Explore. Create. Learn. Imagine.  Shomrei Preschool students, ages 2-5, experience learning in authentic and hands-on ways, guided by nurturing and experienced staff members.Schedule your private tour today. Email Heather Brown, Preschool Director or call 973-746-5031, ext 4.

Shomrei Emunah Preschool

Shomrei Emunah Summer Camp
Splashing, Sunshine, and Smiles- the three components that equal fun and friendship at Shomrei Emunah’s Summer Camp.  Introduce your 2-4 year old to summer fun with outdoor water play, songs, gymnastics, art, and more on our beautiful playground and in our air-conditioned indoor facilities!  Our staff will facilitate a gentle separation, ensuring your child feels confident and secure in this fun-filled and nurturing first camp experience.

Shomrei Emunah Preschool

Shomrei Has it All
Music! Hands-on Mitzvah Projects! Young Israelis showing us 21st century Israel! Our history, using maps and our Smart Board! Library! Dance! Cooking!  Jewish education is enormously challenging. Our children come to Shomrei with a smile on their face and a hop in their step. Our instructors do magic: teaching modern and prayer/siddur Hebrew, familiarizing students with Torah and the essential liturgy, Jewish history and instilling a love and literacy of Jewish traditions, culture and history, to both inspire and motivate our next generation to own our Jewish rituals and to live according to our values and ethics. We have classes for children from age 4 – 18. Following the meaningful and individual Bar and Bat Mitzvah, most of our students continue into our STOM: Shomrei Teens of Montclair program, which meet on Wednesday nights.

STOM, as it has become known, offers 8th through 12th graders formal classes in Jewish topics and a full range of USY programming and resources, and much more: socializing and fun, community service, discussions on anything and everything, music, field trips, guest speakers, and dinner together one night every week.

Youth Groups
It’s not all about religious school. Shomrei offers informal social and engaging activities for 2nd graders & up. CHAVERIM/Friends, 2nd – 4th graders and KADIMA 5th – 7th grader add another layer of community to our fabulous program.

Call today for information or a tour.

Judith Kuper Jaffe
Director of Congregational Learning, Congregation Shomrei Emunah
Ph. 973.746.5031 x3 Fax. 973.746.0348 JafOranges@gmail.com

Heather Brown
Director of Early Childhood Programs
67 Park Street, Montclair, New Jersey 07042
Ph. 973.746.5031 x4 Fax. 973.746.0348 shomreipreschooldirector@gmail.com

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