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Bubble Filling Station

Kids love bubbles, but no sooner than you hand children a container of bubbles, they will have accidentally dumped it while out chasing a one of the soapy orbs. That or they kick them over, leave them out in the rain or pour it in Mommy’s cocktail.  But we have the answer! A Bubble Filling Station, which will allow you to dispense bubbles in container sizes that are age-appropriate and stop the bubble dumpage.

foam 3 openMake a Bubble Filling Station:

  • Purchase a large jug with a dispenser spout. I bought this 1 gallon-sized jug at Target for $8.
  • Make a fun label for the dispenser, but make sure to laminate it before putting it on your jug.
  • Put out small Dixie cups for smaller children. If you have extra wands from other bubble containers put them out for the kids. To make a bubble-wand craft station click here for instructions.
  • To personalize for a party buy plain bottles of bubbles and cover with your own labels.

Once you have a proper Bubble Filling Station set up, it’s time to have fun. If you’ve never made bubble foam with your kids—holy-cremoly you are missing out! This is the perfect activity for any outdoor party, field day, end of the season party or a Toast to the Teacher shindig and it is super easy.

How to Make Bubble Foam

bubble foam

  • Empty water or soda bottles-The super cheap bottles don’t do well as they crinkle too much. Push on the top of a bottle and if it dents easily try another brand like Aquafina.
  • Old cut up towels or wash cloths- Inexpensive baby wash clothes work the best because they are thin and easy to blow through.
  • A knife or scissors
  • Rubber bands
  • Bubbles Click here for my favorite homemade recipe

Step One: Remove the label from the bottle and cut the end off using a serrated knife

Step Two: Take a cloth and wrap it around the bottom of the bottle and put a rubber band on to hold it in place

Step Three: Dip the end in bubble solution poured in to a bowl, have your child put their mouth right on the bottle as though they were drinking from it and blow Gabriel blow. The kids will be amazed at the long snakes they can make.

You can also take off the cloth and dip the cut end into bubble solution and blow through the small end to make big bubbles. Try it with a 2 liter bottle for a big snake. Great fun for bath time as well.

TIP: Don’t let the foam maker sit in the bubble solution for too long as it will absorb the solution and be to wet and heavy to use. If the foam is not coming out just move the rubber band up a bit to tighten.

bubble filling station

Want more fun bubble activities? Check out how to make bubble wrapping paper and fun bubbly drinks.

Questions? Just Ask Holly in comments.


  1. POSTED BY fran liscio  |  May 29, 2013 @ 9:52 pm

    Holly, I think you secretly work for 3M.

  2. POSTED BY Annette Batson  |  May 30, 2013 @ 9:46 am

    This looks like so much fun, Hols. Do you have an adult version which includes tequila?

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