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Ten was the magic age  for my daughter to have a  sleepover party. Thirteen for a cell phone and 18 to vote—I ain’t promising anything before or beyond that (the cell phone is not a solid deal either).

So when she asked for a Puppy themed birthday party AND sleepover, I said yes.  As far as parties go, this one was a breeze. The theme was cute and easy, the girls were good and they went to sleep before midnight. Yes. Yes they did.

How to Throw a Puppy Themed Birthday Party & Sleepover:

Puppy Theme Sleepover PartyThe Decorations:

  • We first picked a color scheme of brown and pink.
  • I used big plastic table clothes and cut the brown one into four longs strips. I then made big bows with the strips and used hot glue to secure them to the corners.
  • I love using recycled jars for glasses. The paw print ribbon was cut and attached with a dab of hot glue.
  • I bought plain white paper lanterns from the party store and glued on ears, spots and tongues cut out of brown and red paper. Then I added googly eyes and drew on noses and the mouth.
  • Chocolate bones and the puppy cake was used as a centerpiece.

When the girls came in I had duct tape and scissors ready for them. That was all they needed to keep them entertained until dinner. After dinner and cake I took out the Sculpey clay and they went crazy making dog ornaments.  Click here for instructions.

Polymer Clay

The Cake and desserts:

  • Puppy Theme Sleepover PartyI made two round cakes for the head, one heart shaped cake cut in half for the ears and baked one cake in a large muffin tin for the nose. Using my Mom’s Famous Frosting Recipe I decorated the puppy  using a star tip  then using a piece of white chocolate  for the eyes  and and regular chocolate for the dog tag. The nose was piped on with a store bought black gel frosting.
  • I don’t write well  in frosting, so I get creative by printing out the message. I cut the words out in bone shapes and glued them onto wooden skewers.
  • The bones were made from candy molds and bags of white and brown chocolate from the craft store. I melted the chocolate in small batches in the microwave for a few minutes and then spooned it into the molds. Put them into the freezer for a few and they pop right out of the molds.

We ended the night with a dog themed movie! There are plenty to choose from—Beverly Hills Chihuahua, Hotels for Dogs, etc..

Tips for Hosting a Successful Sleepover:

  • No electronic devices of any kind were allowed. I wrote this on the invitation so parents knew beforehand. This was to avoid prank calls, stupid texting, sexting-dares, playing music when they should be settling down and a host of other things that are not necessary at a party. Not allowing electronic devices does encourage healthy socialization and eye contact…ah the good old days.
  • Keep the number of kids under 10.
  • Encourage your child to only invite friends that are good in school. If they cause trouble in the classroom you can double that at a party.
  • Have a piece of paper and pen handy for parents to write both  their home and cell numbers at drop off. Put the sheet someplace you can easily grab in case of an emergency.
  • The trick that worked to settle them down? Tell them that they can stay up and talk or tell stories as long as they want, but if they wake you up the deal is off and they will be separated. This worked like magic because they worked as a group making sure nobody got too loud and eventually just zonked out.

Puppy Theme Sleepover Party

Packaging up the dog craft with a chocolate bone in a cute bag with a bone shaped label is more than enough for kids this age.

All of the girls were so good and had so much fun it made the whole process a pleasure!

Chocolate and paw printed ribbon available at A.C. Moore  and  Michaels
Bone candy molds available at

Questions? Ask Holly in comments.


  1. POSTED BY april  |  May 22, 2013 @ 1:33 pm

    SO cute! Love that Ellory wanted a puppy theme — adorable. The cake looks fabulous, and I’m with you on the electronics!

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