Learn As They Grow: 4-H Youth Farm Camp—June Bugs and August Bees

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Girls picking strawberriesIf your children love getting dirty then the new Essex County 4-H Youth Farm Camp is a perfect way for them to get closer to nature and understand the connection between land and where our food comes from.

The Farm Camps will be held at the Urban Farmers Initiative on Orange Road behind the Montclair Historical Society. As well as a community garden, the site houses a chicken coop. This green space will grow organic produce that will be sold at farmer stands and donated within the community to senior groups and food pantries.

The campers will have the opportunity to get out into the field each day and work in the garden, getting their hands dirty by pitching in with farm chores and learning a new theme centered around the garden.

Farm Camp Consultant and Montclair resident , Danielle Yatrakis said “4-H camp will enable people to learn about a community farm”.

4-H Youth Farm Camp

Photography by Emanuela Mujica

She designed these fun summer camps for aspiring farmers and gardeners as part of the Essex County  4-H Youth Urban Farming Program: “the camp is about having fun and having a connection to the earth. A lot of parents don’t garden so it is allowing the kids to get their hands in the dirt and teaching them not to run away from the worms or bees that are just pollinating the plants.”

The camp is designed to explore the farm-to-table connection – through discussion, lessons and experiential hands-on activities. A variety of creative projects are planned that will include art, science and imagination, and of course the garden.

Camp sessions are designed for 3 age groups:

  • Young children (ages 1-5)
  • Incoming kindergartners through to incoming second graders (ages 5-7)
  • A one day program for school-aged children (ages 6 – 13)

All campers will learn about farming and  gardening in small groups, typically 10-14 children, taught by a team of professional educators and college interns.

For more information on camps and registration call 973-353-1388 ext 109 or check online

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