Montclair High School Seniors Get Ready For Prom

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MHS seniors at junior prom last year

MHS seniors at junior prom last year

For Montclair High School seniors the end of the year brings quite a few exciting events, one of which is the Senior Prom; the kick off to all the thrilling things ahead for the class of 2013, which includes graduating, and the subsequent festivities of Project Graduation.

This year the senior prom will be held at the Westmount Country Club on Thursday June 20. Prom tickets have already gone on sale and despite fundraising, the cost of prom this year is $95 per person.

Some students find the cost of prom ridiculous.

“Ninety-five dollars for prom is way too much money,” says senior Phoenix Herring. “Not everyone can afford to pay that much for one night.”

Prom is a pretty expensive event. It might not have been so pricey back in the day, but today it’s quite a pretty penny. The ticket, dress (or suit), corsage, jewelry, hair, make-up, and shoes can rack up to be a small but potent fortune.

However, many seniors will still shell out the money because prom, despite the cost, is something they’re excited about.

Before going to prom, seniors must take care of a few things. For the girls, a dress and hair and make up. For the boys, a nice suit. And for both, a date.

Many senior girls have had their dresses picked out since November and to avoid any “Who Wore It Better” sort of conflicts, a “prom dress” group was created. All girls attending prom, whether they are senior or underclassmen, are encouraged to join the Facebook group and post a picture of the dress they’re wearing so that no unplanned matching will occur.

While senior prom has always been a long dress event, this year many girls are diverting from this tradition. This year there is a wide array of styles, not just long, but short and the ever so trendy short in front and long in the back.

Senior Eliana McCann Smith, who is wearing a high-low dress, thinks it’s great that girls seem to be wearing all different styles to prom.

“It doesn’t matter what length dress you wear. You should just wear whatever dress you feel best in,” says Smith. “Because it’s really just about having fun and feeling your best.”

While excitement surrounds the prom dress itself, there is little enthusiasm for the prom dress shopping process.

“Dress shopping is honestly the worst,” laughs senior Cassie Walter. “I don’t think I enjoyed anything about it. I didn’t want to endure the whole ordeal of shopping for it in the stores, so I just ordered mine online and kind of went with the idea that, if it didn’t fit, I would just have to go naked.”

Ordering online was the prom shopping method many girls swore by this year. Popular prom dress sites included Lulu’s, Asos, Anthropologie, Free People, Nasty Gal, Etsy, and others.

The ordeal of shopping is usually worth it.

“Despite the process I am excited to wear my dress,” admits Walter. “It’s really pretty and I’m so glad it fit. It was worth the search.”

After finding the dress comes hair and make-up. Many girls are leaving it in the hands of beauty experts for prom, booking appointments at salons like Bangz, Bobbi Brown, and various other places in Montclair.

“I’m getting my hair done because I want an up do and I know I couldn’t do that on my own,” explains senior Courtney McMorrow. “And I’m getting my eye liner done by a make up artist because I want it to look nice and not sloppy.”

But the girls aren’t the only ones who get excited about dressing up for the night; the boys are pretty enthusiastic as well.


“I’m incredibly excited for prom because it’s not everyday that I get to wear a gorgeous Italian suit!” exclaims senior Steven DeSalvo.

And they’re just as dedicated to the process of finding what to wear.

“I put a good amount of thought into my suit,” shares senior Nick Twomey. “I mean, I want to look nice at my last prom,”

The final element of prom preparation is the prom date.

What was once an awkward and uncomfortable aspect of prom, has become a lot more fun and easy. The idea of going with a “romantic” date is quite archaic and has been replaced with a more comfortable concept- going with a friend.

“I think going with a friend takes a lot of pressure off of prom,” says senior Nia Abram, who’s going with her friend in lieu of a date. “The pressure to go with a date sometimes causes you to end up going with someone you actually don’t enjoy. The whole friend element eliminates the awkward experience that comes with a traditional prom date. Because with a friend, you can just be yourself.”

After all the preperation, whether or not MHS seniors actually have fun at prom next Thursday, it will still surely be a night to remember because, as senior Jack Ward puts it, “It really brings us all together before graduation which is great.”

So enjoy your prom seniors, because it’s the last time you’ll be with your classmates before you collect your diplomas in the amphitheater on June 26 and leave MHS for good.

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    Can someone explian the evolution of the word usage for “prom”? When did ‘the prom’ or ‘a prom’ morph into just ‘prom’? As in ‘prom’ is so expensvei…. or ‘beauty experts for prom’.

    Maybe it’s an affectation from across the Pond, like “I’m going to hospital after prom to have my stomach pumped”………

  2. POSTED BY herbeverschmel  |  June 17, 2013 @ 2:55 pm

    People today are too busy to say “the” or “a”. Probably a result of texting.

    My favorite is kids that say “Tonight we are versing the Cubs”, ‘yesterday we versed the Cubs ‘ in stead of ‘play” or “played”… Why bother asking questions like that? Give up, it’s over I hate to tell you.

  3. POSTED BY herbeverschmel  |  June 17, 2013 @ 2:55 pm

    ^ I obviously meant “instead”. ^

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    thanks. i’m sure will bhandy when u inter 4job.

  5. POSTED BY MellonBrush  |  June 17, 2013 @ 5:43 pm

    Lucky guy in photo above, four dates and all knockouts!

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