Barista Kids A to Z Birthday Party Places Round Up

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Barista Kids A to Z Birthday Party Round Up

Planning your little one’s next Birthday bash?

Whether your child’s into princesses, LEGO, cooking or swimming, you’ll find a resource in our A to Z Birthday Party Places Round Up. This guide includes places to have the party, rent out or people who come to your home to make your party more special.

We hope we’re helping to make your next party one they’ll always remember:

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Coffee with…Robbie Furman…Balloon Twisticologist

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Robbie Furman

He has traveled the world, taught in five different languages and entertained countless people – adult and children alike. Sounds like an exciting, jetsetter kind of life, right?  It gets better. Robbie Furman has amassed all of his success… with balloons.

Unlike the balloon artists most of us think of – who twist up a sword or sometimes an ambitious looking flower – Robbie sees himself as a “Twisticologist,” but we’ll talk more about that later. In addition to his overflowing passion for his work, easy laugh and oh-so-rare ability to sculpt the mundane into magic, Robbie is also the type of person that says, “I’m just looking to make the world a better place, one day at a time,” (which he did actually say during our interview)  — and you believe him.

Here are the highlights from Barista Kids’ conversation with Robbie Furman, owner of Remember Our Balloons Building Incredible Events (ROBBIE).

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How To Make A Birthday Lunchbox

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My daughter, like many kids, has a birthday that more often than not falls on a school day. This year, I wanted to make her a special lunch to have at school. After looking on Pinterest for ideas, I decided to make her a special birthday lunchbox by wrapping her favorite foods like presents.

Here’s the lunchbox transformation from regular to birthday spectacular!:

Birthday Lunchbox

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Ask Holly: Puppy Themed Birthday Party & Sleepover

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puppy open

Ten was the magic age  for my daughter to have a  sleepover party. Thirteen for a cell phone and 18 to vote—I ain’t promising anything before or beyond that (the cell phone is not a solid deal either).

So when she asked for a Puppy themed birthday party AND sleepover, I said yes.  As far as parties go, this one was a breeze. The theme was cute and easy, the girls were good and they went to sleep before midnight. Yes. Yes they did.

How to Throw a Puppy Themed Birthday Party & Sleepover:

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Ask Holly: An Under the Sea Birthday Party

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Under the Sea Birthday Party

Although Ariel and Nemo are no longer household names in my house, the fascination with all things “under the sea” holds strong. This is what makes an Under the Sea themed party so fantastic; it’s unisex, it can be for boy/ girl twins and it covers ages 1-101.

And let’s face it—at some point every woman has wondered what it’s like to be a mermaid. The long gorgeous hair, the perfect mid-section, two shells that need no support and of course never having to get a bikini wax… I would trade a lot of sand for a hot crustacean band any day of the week.

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Ask Holly: Everything Rainbow Birthday Party

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rainbow open

Who doesn’t love a rainbow? Hearts with rainbow stripes,  duct tape printed with peace signs and rainbows,  rainbow trout, and now you can even buy roses dyed in rainbow colors. It is a new day. A magic rainbow striped  Zippity-do-da kinda day. Proof that kids like anything better when paired with a rainbow. Continue Reading

Ask Holly: Snowman Hot Cocoa Jar

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snowman jar open

Looking for a party favor that is not made of plastic? Perhaps you were thinking of getting a little something special for your child’s teacher for the 100th Day? This Snowman Hot Cocoa Jar is a cute easy little way to say, ” I think you are special enough to make something for instead of giving you a plastic piece of crap.”

Some people throw away those cute patterned tights when they get a hole in the toe. Not me. I also save glass jars. This is not to say that I am a pack rat. I save it, I use it and give it away. Done. The hats on these cute snowmen are made from my daughter’s old tights. They are filled with my favorite home made hot cocoa mix recipe from Alton Brown and topped with mini marshmallows.

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Ask Holly: Remembering My Mom and Her Amazing Birthday Cakes

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barbie cake

My mother was a master of figuring things out. After my brother and I were born, instead of buying cakes for our birthdays at a bakery, she took a class in cake decorating. Every cake she made was a labor of love. You knew the party could start when that cake arrived.

Cakes1She made huge sheet cake adored with Holly Hobbie, Snow White and Lowly Worm. She bought and borrowed molds for Micky Mouse, Donald Duck and Snoopy. Cakes were baked in bowls to make a princess skirt or a mermaid’s tail  on a rock. Some were cut-up cakes “glued” back together with frosting. She would use poster board for a cowboy hat rim. Around the base of a cake tulle, ribbon and or silk flowers were used to cover-up a multitude of travel misses.

Here are some of my mother’s best birthday cake tips:

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Children’s Birthday Party Ideas

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My baby just turned five. I don’t know how the hell that happened, but it did. She wanted Snow White at her party (I gave in years ago) and a few of her friends over for a tea party. It was my favorite kind of children’s birthday party—at home, less than 10 kids, good-old fashioned fun.

While I think my daughter’s party was really cute and the Snow White I hired was really adorable with the girls, no one does birthday parties better than Holly.

So here’s a round up of some of Holly’s best children’s birthday party ideas:

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Ask Holly: A Woodland Gnome-Themed Birthday Party

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A Woodland Gnome-themed birthday party—where does my kid come up with these ideas? I have gnome idea. I guess when turning nine, one may feel the need to top an Asian themed party or a fancy Parisian birthday party. I don’t gnome, but in her mind a weird looking elf-type creature who hangs out with red and white polka dotted shrooms fit the bill. And she was right. The party was fantastic, from the decorations to the scavenger hunt, everyone had a great time and we did it all—AT HOME! Continue Reading

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