8 DIY Halloween Costumes

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8 DIY Halloween Costumes

Want to make your child’s Halloween costume? Need some great, simple DIY costume ideas? You’ve come to the right place.

Our crafty Holly offers 8 DIY Halloween costumes which are easy (mostly no sew) and spectacular! Get to the fabric and craft store, grab your scissors and start creating:

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Ask Holly: A No-Sew Phoenix Costume

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A No-Sew Phoenix Costume

The Phoenix - a long-lived bird that is cyclically regenerated or reborn. Associated with the sun, a phoenix obtains new life by arising from the ashes of its predecessor. 

When my daughter first came home from school asking to be a Phoenix I said, “Sure!” When I started drawing out the costume, I thought it would be easy, but trying to create a Phoenix costume so that it was recognizable was trickier than I thought. But I figured it out and came up with a DIY no-sew Phoenix Costume.

I started with this super easy tulle skirt that, I swear, ONLY TOOK ME 20 MINUTES TO MAKE when I found pre-cut rolled of sparky tulle at the craft store.  Finding  a plain bright orange shirt and leggings was trickier, so I just bought easy to find plain white clothing and dyed them. The rest was just cutting and gluing felt. Continue Reading

Ask Holly: A No-Sew Chameleon Costume

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No-Sew Chameleon Costume

This year my seven year old son had his heart set on being a chameleon for Halloween. Being a good mother of the ’80s, I pulled up the video of Culture Club’s Karma Chameleon to get in the mood to create. This left me with many questions that seemingly didn’t bother me 30+ years ago: Why are they on a riverboat?, What are those two small children stuffing into that big basket?, Was “Good dancers need not apply” posted during auditions?, and What is under the tarp upon which is Boy George singing?

Anyway, I came up with a Chameleon Costume. It’s  fun and original—and requires NO SEWING! There is loads of cutting and gluing, but the results are fantastic! So start cutting out your red, gold and green…red, gold and greeeeennn. Continue Reading

Ask Holly: Pilgrim Bonnets and Hats for Thanksgiving

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Kids love to participate in the preparations for Thanksgiving. After last years addition of Turkey Hand-print Shirts, this year we will have Pilgrim hats to wear and a Turkey with a tail made of markers for our kid’s table. They are simple, inexpensive and when made from felt they last year after year.

When I asked my five year old how and why the pilgrims came to America he told me that they took the Dragon Boat here to take all of the leprechaun’s gold—a true capitalist my kid. When I asked him why the women wore white bonnets he told me simply, “Because they had too many napkins.” Who am I to argue?

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Ask Holly: Easy Face Painting

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Pony rides and face paint, the two things that can clean out your wallet faster than you can say, “Maybe next time honey. Daddy forgot to stop at the ATM and withdrawal $436. Blame him.” And if the face painting is free, get ready to wait in a line that snakes from here to Ronkonkoma!

A few years back, to avoid the constant pleading and whining at events I did some research and ordered my own face paint. Problem solved, my kids never asked again. Continue Reading

Ask Holly: Goddess Costume

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This is the year of the goddess in my home. My daughter is going to be Iris, goddess of the Rainbow. Her friends Hollen and Nicki will be Artemis, goddess of the Hunt and Athena, goddess of wisdom. I am  Suckerus, goddess of saying yes to making 3 of these costumes. I have one more to go.

I really dislike sewing and for one reason only—I suck. The shame from my mother who started teaching me to sew in 4th grade. I have all of the equipment, but what I use the most is the seam ripper. This is the little doo-dad used to remove  messy stitching. When I first discovered seam-binding, a magical adhesive product that allows you to make a permanent  hem with just an iron, my mother accused me of working hard to find ways around sewing, rather than learning to sew. She was right. Continue Reading

Ask Holly: A No Sew Bald Eagle Costume

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From owl to shark and now bald eagle—luckily again this year, my son has picked a costume that I can create with a warm, comfortable hoodie. Easy on and easy off, NO SEW—just cut, cut ,cut and glue. The problem? After cutting out loads of eagle feathers  I can’t get this song out of my head. Please make it stop!

Back to the No Sew Bald Eagle Costume….

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Camp Ask Holly Week 4: Super Easy Superhero Capes

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Ever since the day superheros became  mainstream, boys and girls have been tying blankies around their necks and making superhero capes. My son is no exception. When he requested a cape, his first choice was Captain America. A good choice I thought, the self acclaimed captain of our country. I decided making two capes made sense for playdates so I suggested Superman. My son said, “Who?” Then he asked my if I could make him an Iron Man cape. I had to stop myself when I began to explain why Christopher Reeve was far hotter than Robert Downey Jr.—and well Iron Man does not wear a cape, and…okay, Iron Man it is.

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Ask Holly: Making an Exotic Bird Costume

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If you are  looking at this costume and some of the other projects I have done recently and thinking, “This woman is out of her mind!” There is a good chance you may be right.

After making my own kids costumes, two of the neighbor children’s costumes and planning the BOOO-ristanet Halloween Ball I am officially insane.

My daughter received this funky top and skirt that my best friend picked up at a children’s consignment shop. It is from the rather pricey brand “Kaiya Eve.” This is me, all class, taking a designer dress and making it into a costume. It’s all fancy and frilly and she loved it. So we (we being me, myself and I) made her costume as an exotic bird around the outfit.

Here’s what I used:

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Ask Holly: Fashionista Witch Costume

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I have never had as much fun making a costume as I did for my number one fan Anna. With that said, it was also probably the easiest costume I’ve ever put together. Watching Anna’s face as she checked out her “Fashionista Witch” self in the mirror with a huge smile on her face was priceless. 100% worth it.

The great thing about this costume is it took no time and it can be used for ages 2-82.

This is what I sent my friend Debora to get at the store:

  • A witch hat
  • A long sleeved black shirt that was a size or two to big
  • A funky black skirt
  • Striped witch tights
  • Boots (she already had these)

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