Grading NJ Schools for the Arts

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Grading NJ Schools for the Arts

When we’re getting our kids ready for the school in the morning, a successful departure is part art, part science. The same mix should be in the education they’re getting from September to June (with a little readin’ and ‘rithmatic thrown in), and a recent study conducted for The Star-Ledger’s “Inside Jersey” magazine crunched the numbers to see how much arts education was in the mix in high schools across the state, and how that impacted the overall quality of the education for our little Jerseyans.

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Montclair High School Honors the Victims of 9/11

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In remembrance of the victims of 9/11, a wreath was placed at the World Trade Center Memorial on the Montclair High School Campus in a brief ceremony this morning.   

Student Coalition officers Benner Rawley, President, Malcolm Luck, VP, Ben Schreiber, Secretary, and Jesse Sands, Treasurer were joined by Detective Kim Nelson-Edwards, MPD and Principal James Earle. The entire student body observed a Moment of Silence during the morning announcements. 



Breakfast For All At Montclair Public Schools

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Montclair Public Schools

One of the new initiatives and investments beginning this school year at the Montclair School District is a Breakfast Program at all schools.

Before this year, the District operated a compliance-driven school breakfast program, offering a morning meal where required by law.  Last year, 1,457 students qualified for free or reduced-price meals in the district, 22% of the overall student population.

Now all Montclair Public School children can get breakfast at school. 

Studies show that many children go to school without breakfast. They also show that children who have eaten a nutritious breakfast are better behaved at school, have longer attention spans, score higher on tests, and are more interested in the educational program.

There’s no question that breakfast is important, but how will this program affect the budget?

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Documenting Glenfield School in Montclair for a Ceremony for This Time

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Photo Credit: CoCo Alexander

Daryl Ferrara photo credit: CoCo Alexander

The Arts are more than relevant for today’s students; they help young people learn to discover and know the kinds of people they want to become. At a time when arts-based education is relegated to 40 minutes twice-a-week for many of today’s students, a newly finished film celebrates the arts-based curriculum at Glenfield Middle School in Montclair. Ceremony for This Time, a response and revisit to the 1995 film Ceremony for Our Time, delves into how the students at Glenfield still benefit from a focus on dance, theater, vocal performance, and other performing arts.

In 2013, Glenfield Middle School hosted a Gala celebration of the original documentary Ceremony for Our Time, which included performances and reunions. While the film is still in post-production, director Daryl Ferrara agreed to give Barista Kids a preview of things to come.

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New Director of Guidance at Montclair High School

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Meet Mr. FrenchThe Montclair School District just sent a newsletter announcing a new Director of Guidance, Mr. Willieneil French. It includes a Q&A titled, “Meet Mr. French.”

MHS students will spot all kinds of exciting improvements today as they move through the hallways, classrooms and community spaces of their school. Among the most anticipated of these changes is the arrival of Willieneil French, the new Director of Guidance, who comes to Montclair from Johns Creek High School in Fulton County, Georgia. The North Carolina native brings 15 years of experience guiding students (and their families) through the college application and orientation process. His professional experience includes chairing the guidance/counseling department at Johns Creek as well as leadership positions with the Georgia School Counselors Association and the National and Southern Association of College Admissions Counseling. Mr. French holds a B.S. in Education from Appalachian State University in North Carolina and an M.Ed from Auburn University in Alabama. 
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Baby Got Class!

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Today is the day Montclair! It’s back to school and “I like big buses, I cannot lie!”

Don’t forget to send us those cute “Back to School” photos. We’ll be making a Barista Kids slideshow. Just email your photos  to us here.


Montclair Public Schools Launch New Initiatives and Investments for 2014-2015

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Montclair Public Schools

With the 2014-2015 school year beginning on Thursday, September 4, the Montclair Public Schools announced today that it would launch the 2014-2015 school year with a series of new initiatives and investments geared toward enhancing schools and classrooms throughout the District.  Quality World Language at all schools, reduction in kindergarten class sizes, and a breakfast program at all schools, are just a few of the improvements.

Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Penny MacCormack shared the following new initiatives and investments made by the District with Barista Kids:

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(Update) Commercial Filming at Montclair High on the First Day of School

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filming in montclair

Update: Barista Kids just spoke with Sarah Merrick at the Montclair Municipal Clerk’s Office after hearing that the filming has been canceled. She confirmed and said that the filming was actually not going to happen, and the letter that went out to residents was a miscommunication between the film production company and location manager.

Montclair parents may want to avoid the high school area on the first day of school, Thursday, September 4 (unless, of course, your kids are attending the high school and you can’t). A film crew will be shooting a commercial that day and it’s sure to cause traffic problems. The memo sent to residents says filming will take place between 3 pm – 9 pm and tells residents that  if any vehicles arrive before 7 am, they may call the Montclair police to file a complaint:

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Back to School Round Up 2014 – 2015

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Back to School

It’s just about that time. Your kids will be going back to school soon and summer’s lazy days will come to an end.

To help a mother (and father) out, we’ve decided to put all of our “Back to School” resources in one place to make your life easier:

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Back to School Organizing Tips

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Back to School Organizing

School will be back in session in one week. A key to smoother mornings and afternoons is organization. Professional Organizer Bonnielee Barrios gives parents some helpful back to school organizing tips to make life easier:

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