Documenting Glenfield School in Montclair for a Ceremony for This Time

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Photo Credit: CoCo Alexander

Daryl Ferrara photo credit: CoCo Alexander

The Arts are more than relevant for today’s students; they help young people learn to discover and know the kinds of people they want to become. At a time when arts-based education is relegated to 40 minutes twice-a-week for many of today’s students, a newly finished film celebrates the arts-based curriculum at Glenfield Middle School in Montclair. Ceremony for This Time, a response and revisit to the 1995 film Ceremony for Our Time, delves into how the students at Glenfield still benefit from a focus on dance, theater, vocal performance, and other performing arts.

In 2013, Glenfield Middle School hosted a Gala celebration of the original documentary Ceremony for Our Time, which included performances and reunions. While the film is still in post-production, director Daryl Ferrara agreed to give Barista Kids a preview of things to come.

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Northeast Elementary School Announces Kindergarten Playdates

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NEcloseupNortheast Elementary School in Montclair invites new incoming Northeast families to several playdates and to join the Ice Cream Social on the Northeast playground.

These playdates are a great opportunity to meet other new children and their parents/ caregivers, and get a little more comfortable with the new school before the first day. The playdates are relaxed, just a chance to play, get some information about from experienced parents about the school, meet some of the PTA members and make new friends.  Just a note the school building will not be open and there is no restroom on the playground.

In addition there is a new Student Ice Cream Social. This is a great chance to meet the principal, Mrs. Cenithia Bilal, and some of the teachers while the children play.

Here are the dates:

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Back to School Shopping in Style Courtesy of NCJW-Essex

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back2schoolEven shopping for socks and underwear becomes exciting for children when they get to lead the way. Over 700 children from communities in and around Essex County went shopping for new outfits and school supplies on Sunday, courtesy of the Essex County Section of the National Council of Jewish Women. This is the 6th Annual Back 2 School Store (B2SS) the NCJW has held for area children. The B2SS has grown from its first year when it served 250 economically disadvantaged children to now helping over 700 children focus on learning and not worrying as they begin the school year.

While some children began the shopping experience feeling unsure, their faces showed excitement and a sense of being “in charge” when their shopping trip was complete. The 4,000 square foot “department store” was located in space donated by Congregation B’nai Shalom in West Orange, NJ. Each child was assigned a personal shopper to guide them through the stations that included winter coats, hats, and gloves as well as new sneakers, pants, and basics like socks and underwear.

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Montclair Author Welcomes Summer with Quinny & Hopper, an Unlikely Friendship

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quinny & hopperSummer vacation offers wonderful opportunities for friendships that break the routine kids often fall into during the school year. A new book from Montclair author and parent Adriana Brad Schanen takes advantage of school break dynamics to follow an unlikely pair of friends through an adventurous and joyful summer for two new friends, Quinny & Hopper.

Aimed at children ages 8-12, Quinny & Hopper will entertain both boys and girls with its silliness, “killer” chicken adventures, and familiar playground politics. The alternating points of view, between Quinny, a fast-talking and unwilling city transplant and Hopper, an introspective and cautious younger brother to twins, tell the story in an effortless way.  Young readers will appreciate the authentic voices that don’t try too hard to be kid-like; they really do seem like the kid next door.

One aspect of this chapter book that parents of elementary school children will especially appreciate is the realistic depiction of the social navigating grade school requires. Without condescending to the very real concerns children have, Quinny & Hopper presents a relationship that confronts, navigates, and survives the “rules” of growing up.

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For Mother’s Day, Help #BringBackOurGirls

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Bring Back Our Girls

I like the commercialism of Mother’s Day about as much as I like seeing July 4th items on sale at my local Target last week. For me, the idea of buying some cheap token for Mother’s Day celebrates everything superficial about the holiday and very little about the real substance of the day, which to me, is taking a moment to think about mothers everywhere.

So against the sea of ads for jewelry and perfumes and, I wish this wasn’t true, weight-loss solutions, that are coming through my Facebook feed in “honor” of Mother’s Day, all I can think is how very little this matters to me, or I would guess any mom, when over 200 girls are missing in Nigeria.

More than two weeks ago, militants stormed a residential school in Nigeria and abducted school girls, still missing, and most recently, the leader of the group that kidnapped them at gunpoint are threatening to sell these girls. I cannot even contemplate the horror, and I am completely removed from this situation. And while I know I cannot even fathom how these families are feeling right now, at least as part of the global community, we can give our voices to the demand to #BringBackOurGirls.

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UPDATE: Montclair Girl Missing FOUND

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marina featured

UPDATE: Jayne Kimball-Sperberg was located and is reunited with her guardian reports Montclair D/Lt. David O’Dowd, Detective Bureau Commander.

Montclair Police report that Jayne Kimball-Sperberg (a.k.a “Marina”) was last seen at 3 pm in the area of North Fullerton Avenue and Gordonhurst Avenue. She reportedly walked away from home stating that she was going “far away”. Possible destination may be NYC. A description and photo were provided by her parents: Continue Reading

Watchung Booksellers and #MFF14 Combine Books and Movies

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Montclair Film Fest

Yesterday afternoon, Watchung Booksellers and the Montclair Film Fest came together for the kids. The very comfortable Audible Lounge at 544 Bloomfield Avenue was the venue for a free story time activity attended by local children.

With cozy rugs and throw pillows to make everyone comfortable, Liane Reed from Watchung Booksellers read movie-themed books to children and led songs and short discussions about movies and books. Frozen was a favorite, but Curious George, Cars, and Maisy Mouse all appeared as well. Add the cookies and milk, and the kids were in heaven.

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Montclair in Miniature at the Montclair Art Museum

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build montclair in LEGO

Families and friends from all over Baristaville came to the Montclair Art Museum on Sunday afternoon to create a miniature Montclair using just LEGO and their ingenuity. Given photographs of historical buildings around town, teams of up to four people built Montclair from the tabletop up.

Designed by Livingston architect Stephen W. Schwartz, and co-sponsored with the Montclair Historical Society and Building Blocks Workshops, the annual Build Montclair in LEGO event was sold out. The full house created a bustling room of participants digging through over 60,000 LEGO building blocks looking for just the right size and color pieces. Sometimes creative license was called in to assist, and the results were fantastic and fun.

Check out the creativity in our slideshow of the event!:

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Dads Rock!—The Blastaways

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March1This is the latest installment of an ongoing series, “Dads Rock!,” talking to otherwise responsible and upstanding local fathers who have grown up without outgrowing their desire to rock.

Most of the Baristaville dads I’ve talked to for Dads Rock! have a similar backstory: In their 20s or so, they played in semi-ambitious bands that never went much of anywhere, and now they’re a bit older and perfectly happy to rock locally. Montclair’s The Blastaways also have moderate ambitions, but at least one member brings a very different history: drummer Kevin March is a professional musician who has played on some of the biggest stages around.

March, who lives in Montclair with his wife and 6-year-old daughter, is an instantly recognizable figure for fans of a certain era of indie-rock bands—he’s drummed for Guided by Voices, Shudder To Think, The Dambuilders, Mind Science of the Mind and A Camp (with Nina Persson of the Cardigans), among others; he’s opened for Pearl Jam and performed on Austin City Limits; his rhythm work can be heard on the soundtracks to School of Rock, The Messenger, Boys Don’t Cry, Velvet Goldmine, Choke and Traitors (due in 2014).

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Montclair Schools are Honored for Safe Routes to School Efforts

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Safe Routes to School

Schools in New Jersey are about to welcome students back for a new school year, and students all over The Garden State are getting ready to settle into the routine of Reading, Writing and Arithmetic all over again. In preparation for getting to the academics safely, three of Montclair’s Elementary schools—as well as the township as a whole—were honored on Monday with plaques commemorating their accomplishments in establishing Safe Routes to School. Mayor Jackson, Superintendent MacCormack, Edgemont’s Principal Hopper, Bradford’s Principal Kirkman, and Bullock’s Principal Kuwabara were on hand at Edgemont Montessori School to accept the Gold, Silver, and Bronze awards, respectively.

“I’m extremely proud of our school system for these accomplishments,” said Mayor Jackson, who was happy to help celebrate the emphasis on adding safe physical activity into the school day. “Safety for all our kids is a priority in our schools.”

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