New Jersey Ranks Low as a Breastfeeding State

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BreastfeedingAccording to a recent study on breastfeeding in America by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 77 percent of  babies begin breastfeeding — a very good thing according to most health organizations who recommend babies be exclusively breastfed for at least six months after birth. However using recent data, the CDC has created a Breastfeeding Report Card to show how long mothers continue to breastfeed across the country, and the percentage drops significantly. New Jersey ranks as one of the worst breastfeeding states with only 10.9 percent of mothers exclusively nursing for the first six months. 

Here are the percentage of women who are exclusively breastfeeding at six months by state:
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Sweet Video: Teddy Bear Meets Best Friend

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Teddy Bear Meets Best Friend just may be the sweetest  “getting ready for baby” video ever made:




Get Ready to ‘Get Down’: Glitz & Glam Kids Family Dance Parties in Montclair

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Glitz & Glam KidsLet’s be honest. Music classes eventually lose their magic and toddler tumbling sessions can become a drag. Sometimes we need a new activity to shake up our schedules. So when Barista Kids learned about the new Glitz & Glam Kids family dance parties in Montclair, we were eager to learn more.

Barista Kids sat down with event planner and Glitz & Glam Kids creator Keyana Tennant who told us all about these fun events.

BK: What are Glitz & Glam Kids family dance parties?
Tennant: These are monthly themed parties that the whole family can enjoy. We always have entertainment, like face painting and balloon twisters and characters as well as games, free raffles, food and drinks. We also have a DJ and, of course, dancing.  If you schedule a birthday party during one of the events, your guests can enjoy pizza and cake. Every family also leaves with a free family photo and free giveaways from local businesses.  And we have vendors just in case our attendees want to do a little shopping in between the fun.

BK: Sounds like all the makings of a fabulous time.
Tennant: It truly is. And the parties are inspiring, too. We carve out time between dancing and entertainment to showcase the children’s talents. Last month we had tumblers and at the June 29th party we will have a two year old DJ.

BK: Did you say that a two year old will be DJ’ing part of your next party?
Tennant: Yes… he dances, too.

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Mothers & More 14th Annual Mother’s Day Diaper Drive

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Mothers & MoreNow through the end of May, South Orange/Maplewood Mothers & More will be hosting a diaper drive to benefit the Newark location of the North Porch Women and Infants’ Centers. There is a huge need for diapers among low-income families. According to the National Diaper Bank Network, disposable diapers cost up to $100 per month per baby, and diapers cannot be purchased through any government assistance program. One out of 3 families struggle to buy diapers.

Though donations of all disposable diapers (even open packs) are welcome, there is a strong need for sizes 4, 5 and 6 and Pull-Ups 2-3T, 3-4T and 4-5T. Donations can be dropped off at the following locations:

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Celebrate Parenthood at North Jersey’s own Listen to Your Mother

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Listen to Your Mother 2014When was the last time you were told to “Listen to your mother”? In May, Baristaville will have a chance to listen to many stories of motherhood from all points of view. After several days of auditions that narrowed down almost 100 stories about mothers and motherhood, the selected authors for the inaugural year of the North Jersey Listen to Your Mother cast are getting ready to share their words with all of us at the South Orange Performing Arts Center on May 10th at 5 PM.

Organizers Sandy Rustin and Deborah Goldstein narrowed down the scores of auditions to fifteen authors and performers, many from the Maplewood/South Orange area. Each performer will share their personal stories, some humorous, some heartbreaking, as Listen to Your Mother (LTYM) continues its tradition of giving motherhood a microphone — this time in New Jersey!

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New Baby Gifts: Useful and Unique

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NURSE PURSEGiving baby gifts can be difficult for those who want to give something useful, not just adorable. The last thing we want to do for our friends is add to their work – or clutter – when a new baby comes onto the scene. At the recent Brooklyn Baby & Family Expo, Barista Kids found several great ideas for baby and family gifts that are both useful and attractive.

First, the Nurse Purse is a traditional gift with a twist for mothers who decide to breastfeed their babies and work out of the home. This bag is made to hold a pump while still looking professional and beautiful. With easy access to the pump through the bag, there is no need to break down the pump between uses, and its roomy design provides space for files, personal items, and even a laptop. The various designs are grown-up and modern, allowing the bags to evolve in use as your child gets older.

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Watchung Booksellers Kids Bookmark Contest 2014

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Kids' Bookmark Contest!

It’s time for Watchung Booksellers annual kid’s bookmark contest, which is a great opportunity for creative kids to show off their talents. This year the theme is inspired by  Sparky! by Jenny Offill and Chris Appelhans and asks — What Does Your Dream Pet Look Like?

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Local Child Care Solutions Found Via Brooklyn Baby & Family Expo

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brooklyn baby & family expoThe Brooklyn Baby & Family Expo, organized this past weekend by A Child Grows in Brooklyn, was bursting with useful and fun information for expecting and recent parents. And while many of the services were more relevant for NYC parents, Barista Kids found two child care services that could help make local parents’ social plans and child care options a little less stressful.

One of the reasons our area is a popular home-buying destination is its proximity to New York City. Whether for work or socializing, having access to Manhattan’s dining and entertainment options is a boon — especially for special occasions and celebrations. However, finding childcare for a night out or for overnight is a challenge with both scheduling and cost.

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Daylight Saving Time: Sleep Tips for Children

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Daylight Saving Time

On Sunday, March 9 we “spring ahead” our clocks one hour for Daylight Saving Time. While it brings welcome extra daylight in the afternoons and early evening, it can wreak havoc on sleep, especially in children.

If you’re worried about losing even more sleep than the one hour, we have some tips that may help make it a smooth transition.

Dream Team Baby, baby sleep trainers, offers this advice:

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Blasting Sleep Machines May Hurt Your Baby’s Hearing

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Sleep MachineHands down the best gift I received when my second daughter was born was a sleep machine from Brookstone. It was given to me by a mom of four who knew from experience that white noise would drown out a noisy toddler and help a newborn sleep. My first daughter was the world’s worst sleeper, so I was desperate for any sleep aids. My new baby turned out to be a champion sleeper, partly perhaps because she just was wired that way, but I can’t help but believe that the sleep machine helped.

She is 6 years old now and still sleeps with the sleep machine on. Actually, she can’t sleep without it. So yes, it becomes habit forming, but to me, it was a small price to pay for getting your child to sleep better.

But a “not so small price to pay” is the hearing damage that a baby can suffer if you blast the white noise and put the machine too close to your baby’s crib.

A new study, published online Monday by the journal Pediatrics, says parents should be cautious with sleep machines because they can generate sound levels that could place infants at risk of developing noise-induced hearing loss.

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