Montclair Kid Asks Friends To Donate to YMCA Of Montclair Camps Scholarships Fund

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trent tauberMany second graders have a huge birthday wish list. But Trent Tauber is a little different.

In addition to a LEGO set and a party, this second-grader from Northeast School in Montclair got his wish to raise money to send kids to camp this summer.

In lieu of gifts, Trent asked family and friends to donate to the YMCA of Montclair’s Annual Campaign for their Financial Assistance program to send as many kids as possible to camp this summer.

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Giveaway: Lucky Diaz and the Family Jam Band Cinco de Mayo Party Pack

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Lucky Diaz and the Family Jam BandLucky Diaz and the Family Jam Band, the Latin GRAMMY-winning, all-ages, nationally touring indie rock band from Los Angeles, will release a new Spanish language album on Cinco de Mayo:  Aqui, Alla. This collection of celebratory tunes blends Chicano rock, indie pop and Tejano sounds to engage a new generation of kids and families.

The album opens with the blazing accordion of Flaco Jimenez and Tejano flavors of “Viva la Pachanga” (Long Live the Party). Next up is “Órale” (Listen Up!), an exclamatory song paying homage to the southern California “Rampart Sound” of the 1960’s. The band provides the first-ever Spanish language version of the old nursery song about a certain ambitious itsy bitsy spider on “La Pequeña Araña,” and with “El Cucuy,” a Los Lobos inspired cumbia offers just enough spine chills in its warnings about the Mexican version of the bogeyman. “Vamos a Cantar” (Let’s Count) teaches Spanish words for numbers 1 to 10 in in a super fun doo-wop 50’s rock and roll style (featuring Disney Jr.’s Genevieve Goings). The tender “Aqui, Alla,” represents the diverse heritage of Lucky Diaz and the Family Jam Band and so many Americans today, providing the defining track of the album.

Aqui, Alla is crafted as a musical journey toward discovering, transforming and celebrating the experience of being a Latino and ultimately an American.

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Happy Earth Day

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In honor of Earth Day today, here’s our favorite earth-friendly song—Jack Johnson singing Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – 3 R Song.

Check out our Earth Day event round-up for a few more ways to celebrate Mother Earth.



No Noise: Big in Kansas, Too

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no-noise“We have gotten our fair share of fan letters and messages from some teenagers out in Kansas,” says Max Schoenwetter, the bass player for Montclair-based rock band No Noise. And it’s not because the group has toured far and wide or had a hit single on Midwest radio. In fact, the band’s members are all in high school and have never played outside of the New York-metro area.

But that doesn’t matter, because No Noise is a band coming up in the social media era, and they can let the web do some of the touring and hit-making for them. Max just has a cousin who lives in Kansas who shared the music No Noise has posted on its Bandcamp and Facebook pages at his high school out there, and now these four NJ musicians are competing with rock bands from Queens of the Stone Age to Tame Impala and beyond for spots on Sunflower State playlists. “They asked us to do to a meet and greet there,” he says, “which was pretty crazy.”

It’s a little crazy, but it’s not dumb luck. No Noise has been playing together for about two years, and they’re been working hard and playing it smart. The band is Max on bass; Mikaela Itkin-Weinstein on lead vocals; Alec Tobin on guitar; and Sam Unger playing drums and some guitar, too (all of the musicians sing backup vocals, too). “We all met at School of Rock,” Max notes, which he thinks helped the band have a rapport right out of the gate. “Over the last couple of months that connection has solidified and ideas have come together much more quickly as a result.”

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Our Favorite Parenting Tweets This Week

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parenting tweetsOur favorite parenting tweets from this past week, many from local moms and dads:





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Happy Easter

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happy easter

Barista Kids wishes those celebrating a very, happy Easter!

When I was a little girl, on the night before Easter, my mom would sing this song to me at bedtime. I would get so excited dreaming of all the goodies the Easter bunny would leave for me in my basket. It’s my favorite Easter memory:

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Teach the Kids Some History with Sugar Free Allstars Vinyl Release of “My Daddy’s Record Collection”

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My Daddy's Record Collection

National Record Store Day is on Saturday, April 19, and kindie rockers Sugar Free Allstars are celebrating indie stores with their first-ever vinyl 45 release of the single My Daddy’s Record Collection.

My Daddy’s Record Collection celebrates the joys of analog music, from the perspective of a young child who digs his dad’s “vinyl connection.” The song’s retro feel-good vibe reflects the vintage funky soul sound of the Sugar Free Allstars:

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Celebrate Parenthood at North Jersey’s own Listen to Your Mother

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Listen to Your Mother 2014When was the last time you were told to “Listen to your mother”? In May, Baristaville will have a chance to listen to many stories of motherhood from all points of view. After several days of auditions that narrowed down almost 100 stories about mothers and motherhood, the selected authors for the inaugural year of the North Jersey Listen to Your Mother cast are getting ready to share their words with all of us at the South Orange Performing Arts Center on May 10th at 5 PM.

Organizers Sandy Rustin and Deborah Goldstein narrowed down the scores of auditions to fifteen authors and performers, many from the Maplewood/South Orange area. Each performer will share their personal stories, some humorous, some heartbreaking, as Listen to Your Mother (LTYM) continues its tradition of giving motherhood a microphone — this time in New Jersey!

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More TV Equals Less Sleep for Kids

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More TV Equals Less Sleep for Kids

Letting your kids watch too much TV could be making them tired.

A recent Pediatrics study looking at the possible impact of television on children’s sleep, found that the more television a child watches, the less sleep he/she had each night. The effects seemed to be especially pronounced in boys, compared with girls. And having a TV in the bedroom was associated with a lot less sleep for minority children, according to the Pediatrics study.

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Happy Passover

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Barista Kids wishes those celebrating a happy and joyous Passover!

For your listening pleasure– ”Seder Plate” by The Macaroons. And don’t forget about Chozen!



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