Spring Break: Day Trips & Mini Geteaways For Families

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Family Road TripIf you’re not one of the lucky ones vacationing for spring break, and don’t need vacation camps because you’re off from work too, day trips are a great way to feel like you did something special.

Grab your keys, pack the kids into the car and arrive at your destination in less than two hours. A few of our suggestions could be made into an mini geteaways:

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A Special Day Trip: Sahara Sam’s Indoor & Outdoor Water Park

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Sahara Sam's Indoor & Outdoor  Water ParkSahara Sam’s Oasis Indoor & Outdoor Water Park, located in West Berlin, NJ, is about two hours away and makes a fun Day Trip for families looking for a full day of water fun, especially in the midst of winter. Sam’s offers 58,000 square feet of aquatic and arcade attractions. Sam’s also makes a great Day Trip for families with children who have special needs, because it hosts Special Evenings at Sam’s, also known as S.E.A.S.

S.E.A.S. events are hosted throughout the year on Friday nights from 6 pm – 9 pm. The evenings are safe, judgment-free, and any modifications are made to the park’s operations with the unique challenges of special needs individuals in mind including:

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10 Fun Things To Do During Winter Break (and this Weekend)

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Winter Break

(Editor’s Note: Winter break is here, and it’s the weekend, so we’re re-running this guide to family fun.)

If you have to work and need childcare, here is our list of Vacation Camps to help out.

Here are 10 Fun Things To Do During Winter Break (and this weekend):

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10 Fun Things To Do During Winter Break

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Winter Break

Winter break starts next week. If you have to work and need childcare, here is our list of Vacation Camps to help out.

If you’re lucky to have time off too, here are 10 Fun Things To Do During Winter Break:

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Day Trip: Space Farms Zoo & Museum

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Space FarmsSpace Farms Zoo & Museum  is such an odd mash-up of disparate collections that it is hard to explain what kind of farm it is. “Model T meets llamas” and “Creepy dolls, real tigers and something weird in a jar” were the answers from my husband and kids. We went last Sunday to check out the tiger cubs and enjoy a beautiful sunny Fall day in the country.

After parking in the free lot, we entered the main building which houses a snack bar, the admission counter and lots of creepy dolls upstairs. Luckily we had been there two years ago and I was prepared for the dolls this time!

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Day Trip: Stony Hill Farms Corn Maze

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Stony Hill Farms

Before you enter the corn maze at Stony Hill Farms, the ticket-taker recommends that you use the bathroom first, and then points out the emergency phone number to call. You know, in case you get lost and they have to come find you.

They’re not kidding, either. The main maze at this farm in Chester, NJ, is 10 full acres of corn, with wrong turns, switchbacks and stalks so high it’s easy to imagine getting too turned around to find the exit. But it’s even easier to have a lot of fun at Stony Hill, because they really went the extra acre…errr, mile. The maze has stations strewn throughout with trivia for Kernel B. Cobb’s Word Game and iconic images for Cornelius Quest’s Picture Find—each kid gets a worksheet and crayon for the games, just in case they need a little extra motivation to navigate through the maze.

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Day Trip: High Point State Park

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High Point National Park

Interested in visiting the highest point in New Jersey? High Point State Park is a great day trip destination with a monument at its peak. Explore lookout points, beaches, play areas along Lake Marcia and great trail hiking including the Application Trail. It’s an easy hour and fifteen minute drive on Route 23 North from the Montclair area with fun winding roads. The scenery is amazing this time of year and the roadsides are full of bountiful farm stands, apple picking, vineyards, and eateries.

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Day Trips To Take Over Labor Day Weekend

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day tripsGrab your keys, pack the kids into the car and arrive at your destination in less than two hours! A few of these Day Trips could be made into an overnight trip too over the long Labor Day weekend.

Here is a list of Day Trips we’ve reviewed that offer fun for the entire family:

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The Jersey Shore: Making Miracles Happen

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Jersey Shore

My kids start asking when were going to the Jersey Shore sometime around April. It doesn’t matter to them that it’s in the mid 60′s and barely warm enough to leave the winter coats at home, they’re all about the sand and the sea. We live in Northern New Jersey, about an hours ride from the ocean and not exactly close enough to just pop on by. Last spring, on a glorious blue sky day and amid much begging and pleading, we agreed to take them for the day to the beach; a bite of lunch, a bit of kite flying, some seashell collecting and we’d be on our way back home.

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Day Trip: Storm King Art Center

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Storm King Art Center

Colorful sculptures as tall as houses, a pop-art mermaid stretched across a lake, an electric orange streak stretching straight into the sky—Storm King Art Center is a bit like the Willy Wonka of art, over the top, sure, but ultimately sweet fun.

Set on 500 acres of rolling grounds just an hour north of Montclair, expansive Storm King feels like a cross between a park and a sculpture museum, with more than 100 mostly larger than life sculptures set among trees, hills, rocks and expansive stretches of green.

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