Weekend Highlights: Your Guide to Family Fun

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What to do, what to do? It’s another weekend full of great family events.

Don’t forget about the Chalk Walk in Brookdale Park, Harvest Festivals, Crane Park Festival, the The JLMN Run For Children at Risk, How to Eat Like a Child at Studio Playhouse, and Rosh Hashanah family events — and there is more!

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You can check our Calendar for all events this weekend, but here are this weekend’s highlights:

The Wiggles, are bringing their “catchy brand of preschool pop” to The Wellmont Theater in Montclair! (Saturday, September 27)

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UNBORED Games Inspires Families to Play

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Fans of UNBORED:The Essential Field Guide to Serious Fun will love UNBORED Games, the latest guide book for fun by Joshua Glenn and Elizabeth Foy Larsen.

The smaller, paperback UNBORED Games is jam-packed with all sorts of games to play, customize, and inspiration to create. There are more than seventy games from old-fashioned favorites (my favorite) to today’s high-tech games (my 10 year olds favorite). You’ll learn clapping games, bike rodeo, Google Earth challenges, croquet golf, capture the flag, and the best ever apps to play with Grandma, to name only a handful. Gaming is a whole culture for kids to explore, and the book will be complete with gaming history and interviews with awesome game designers. The takeaway from UNBORED Games is that “all games can be self-customized, or hacked. You can even make up your own games. Some could even change the world.”

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Local Families Gather at New Spin Studio For a Great Cause

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Free the Children

Last weekend 23 Montclair and Glen Ridge families gathered together at Montclair’s newest cycling studio, Athletic Genius, to raise money for the non-profit organization, Free the Children.

The families have been working for months raising awareness and collecting donations. They raised over $14,000 which will go directly to building a new school in rural Kenya. They celebrated their efforts and enjoyed hours of spinning with fun music thanks to Holly Hargrave who hosted the event to embrace the cause.

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Montclair Academy for Culinary & Hospitality Excellence Kicked Off Series at MHS

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Montclair Academy for Culinary & Hospitality Excellence

Anthony Bracco and Bryan Gregg

Yesterday, MACHE (Montclair Academy of Culinary & Hospitality Excellence), a cooperative extracurricular club at Montclair High School, kicked off their new series of interactive seminars with “Cooking CSA Style.”

Montclair Academy for Culinary & Hospitality ExcellenceForty Montclair High School students attended the presentation by Bryan Gregg, chef and owner of Escape Montclair, along with Anthony Bracco, proprietor of Bracco Farms. The discussion focused on the benefits of locally sourced produce, as well as how and why this produce is being sought by local restauranteurs, like Gregg.

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Meet the Author in Montclair: Lydia Denworth to Discuss Her Book Inspired By Her Child’s Hearing Loss

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I Can Hear You Whisper

Acclaimed science writer Lydia Denworth will visit Montclair on October 1, to discuss her new book I Can Hear You Whisper, which explores her son’s hearing loss and the relationship between the brain and sound and language.

When Denworth’s third son Alex, was nearly two, he was identified with significant hearing loss that was likely to get worse. The diagnosis sent Denworth on a mission to learn more.

“I knew the importance of enrichment to the developing brain, but had never contemplated the opposite: Deprivation. How would a child’s brain grow outside the world of sound we all take for granted? How would he communicate? Would he learn to read and write—weren’t phonics a key to literacy? How long did we have until Alex’s brain changed irrevocably?”

I Can Hear You Whisper shows how sound sculpts our children’s brains and the life changing consequences of that delicate process.

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Montclair Student Wins “My Essex County” Poster Contest

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"My Essex County" Poster Contest

Essex County Clerk Chris Durkin and Sadie Cherin Kim

Congratulations to Watchung Elementary School student Sadie Cherin Kim!  She is the winner of the 2014 “My Essex County” Poster Contest.

The Essex County Clerk’s Office received 707 poster entries from 43 schools throughout the county. The contest asked students to express their appreciation for the history, the beauty, and the people of Essex County through art. Sadie’s poster was chosen and the Montclair student was honored at an event at the Hall of records in Newark.

Check out Sadie’s winning poster below:

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Montclair Fire Department Warns of Dangers of “Fire Challenge” Trend

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Fire ChallengeI’ve learned something new today that has strengthened my decision to keep my kids off of all social media and monitor all their internet activity — the “Fire Challenge.”

Today, the Montclair Fire Department sent out a warning about an extremely dangerous trend where young people pour flammable liquids on their bodies and set themselves on fire and post the videos on YouTube.

“Many kids in all parts of the country are suffering severe burns from performing the fire challenge,” said acting Fire Chief Thomas Diveny. “To date we know of two students from Montclair who did the fire challenge, luckily they were not injured. There is nothing smart about pouring a flammable liquid on your body and igniting it.”

The MFD is sharing information to educate children on the consequences of setting oneself on fire:

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Take the Family on a Chalk Walk in Brookdale Park This Weekend

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Chalk Walk in Brookdale Park

On Saturday, September 27, take the family for a stroll along Brookdale Park’s main pathways as they are transformed by professional artists into a Chalk Walk and discover park facts and trivia brought to life by beautiful, hand-drawn chalk info-graphics.

You’ll learn about the park’s history, get to better know the birds and animals that call the park home and find out what makes Brookdale Park such an amazing resource.

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Montclair SEPAC Open Meeting

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montclair SEPACMontclair SEPAC is the Montclair Special Education Parent Advisory Council, which is a volunteer group of parents and guardians that provides support and information to parents and caregivers of children with special needs. Each district board of education is charged under the New Jersey Special Education Code to ensure that a special education parent advisory group is in place to provide input to the district on issues concerning students with disabilities.

Montclair SEPAC meets monthly to share information and ideas, raise and resolve concerns, and ensure that issues affecting children with special needs are given the attention they deserve. SEPAC’s workshops and presentations will help you to more effectively advocate for your child and navigate the system throughout your child’s educational career. At SEPAC you can get involved in making a difference for your child and for Special Education within the district as a whole. You will make connections, garner resources, become more informed and stay informed.

With the start of a new school year, SEPAC invites the Montclair community to join to learn more about the group at its open meeting in the beginning of October.

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Have Some Fall Family Fun at Harvest Festivals

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 Harvest Festivals

It’s officially autumn and with it comes Harvest Festivals! Enjoy pumpkins, games, food, music and more at these events:

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